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  1. I had the same problem years ago with my 296. Check this site out, it gives you the answers to your problems. http://aclog.com/blog/2011/07/22/replacing-the-garmin-gps-496-internal-battery/
  2. I've had my Roho for a little over 10000 hrs and couldn't live without it! I use a 10 cell by 9 cell By 4 inch thick. Fits a medium seat perfect. Every few years I have to replace the cover but that's it.
  3. Try using the crossover program on the Mac to run Flight Duty XLS. Works great.
  4. I must be missing something Bif? I see you've directed us to every place to get custom molded ear plugs but I don't see anything that deal with CEP's. Communication Ear Plugs.
  5. Hey Bagger, I just recently had an issue with my CEP interface harness. I think I checked everywhere possible with no luck. I ended up calling flight helmet.com and ordered the part from them. After a couple more days of searching just out of curiosity I stumbled across CEP USA. Flight helmet charged me $75.00 for the harness and CEP USA, where everyone gets the part from was $18.00. Nevertheless I was pi$$ed! I called Flight helmet and asked how they could mark an 18 dollar part up to 75 bucks? They ended up giving me a credit and the part only cost $18. Just order from CEP USA! Super easy install once you drill the hole!
  6. Does anyone know if you can run the flight duty xls. program on a windows surface tablet or any other tablets?
  7. HaHa sorry! I do use it with a Gallet 250 and works great. I think the CEP's help out with the clear sound.
  8. Ah well...... when I head out on the range with my trusty steed I always plug my walkman into my blulink which plugs into my David Clark cowboy hat and I wistle along to Willy Nelson.............?????? Ok sorry....What am I using it with? Helmet, helicopter (212,205) iPhone, iTouch,CEP's.
  9. I've been using mine for almost a year now and it is definitely worth the money. I'm sure you will not regret your purchase.
  10. I've pondered posting on this topic for a few days now!! The one thing that really pisses me off is the statement by Heli Punk. Whats wrong with people when they put money over sense?????? Something like this happens and you have to go and make a statement like this!!!!! Screw You!!!! My name is Darren Davies and I was there!!!!!!! You can sit back and pray all you want but you're still an #### for that comment!!!!! You know... if I get booted from this site for my remarks so be it!!!!!
  11. Bahahaha what's up stud?

  12. Too funny....I wanted to make a French joke when this post started but was afraid of being banished!!!!
  13. Hate to say it sling, but max is right!!!!!!! VX
  14. rotorheadrob, you've got me thinking!!!!! The 5' blonde beaver pilot.......Helicopter or fixed wing?????? VX
  15. Dude, get used to it!!!! Reading Slings posts are somewhat like trying to understand your buddies when they're drunk beyond belief and you're the designated driver. I have to read every one of his posts twice cause they make me laugh so hard!!!!
  16. I can understand TDG not being transferrable from company to company if it is a company specific exam, but the John French TDG course is generic, it is the same exams for everyone is it not!? VX
  17. Some Guy Wow did we wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? I know you and I'm sure you know who I am and I must say, take you head our of your back side! Each and every day there are new and old questions that are asked here. Deal with it, if you don't like the question asked don't open the thread! With your experience level I don't think you've earned the right to judge so harshly! Fly safe Darren
  18. I always knew Big Duke had the makings of being a movie star. VX
  19. [usually just before landing, I put mine on, and start crying. It's a real attention getter. LOL Funny thing is I don't even think that your're joking!!! VX
  20. Found this picture of the new R88 prototype on pprune and wonder if the R66 will look similar.[
  21. Gps Central in Calgary. And make sure you pick up a RAM mount with the GPS, saves your machine from becoming a Velcro poster child. www.gpscentral.ca VX
  22. Some Guy Do yourself a favour and listen to Hanging Out! I tried to get it through your fat head for weeks but you wouldn't listen to me. HGU 84 is a great helmet! You can get it cheaper through flighthelmets.com. VX
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