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  1. Here are two photos of GOCA back in the Nationwide days,1987. Scan22 taken in Southend Saskatchewan on fires. Scan27 taken on a NWTel site in late summer,in the background is FJTF.
  2. hey Freddy, Lets see it ! With such a strong position on everything i know that you would have no problem showing us who you are. Regards, Huey
  3. You Bum. Where you hanging your hat these days?


  4. If anyone has one or knows where I could acquire a Bell 205 weight and balance that would be great. Thanks in advance. Have a great day, week, month and summer 2012! TK
  5. Jan whipped me pretty hard in 87 but it sure paid off, its unfortunate the industry doesn't grasp ahold of more people like Jan to mentor the new generations. It takes alot of patience, skill, caring and money to sustain this proactive approach. Not many people or companies have the get up and go and want to do this. There's alot of importance in the past 5 years on SMS and all other paper pushing time comsuming and confusing "stuff", that does little to mold a front line pilot, thats why Jans ability's are so rare indeed. Jan does more than talk, talk, talk. He shows pilots how to really fly!
  6. Hold on to her Ray!! See ya on the flip side! TK
  7. An absolute top notch wrench and a superb judge of character who always had time to bring the human side of life to this crazy profession!
  8. Hello, If someone could pm me with regards to acquiring a Bell 407 flight manual (pdf format) and supplements, that would be awesome! Thanks! TK
  9. Our thoughts go out to you and your family Rick, take care! Tom K.
  10. I just woke up and though it was April 1st or something!!! Way to go Rob, all the best!!! Its nice to see that the Transport Canada has added another common sense individual! Hold on to her! Cheers! Tom
  11. Anyone have a Bell 205A-1 flight manual (pdf) that they can show my way, thanks in advance! Hueywing
  12. Anybody building an oak storage bench.........Cluck, Cluck! :punk:
  13. Tip a few back for those who are unable to attend!!!! Cheers! Hueywing
  14. Biscuit joiners the way to go if you want a safe and uneventful job done with less talk back, and yes lots of room for weed (of course). :punk:
  15. I just finished an oak storage bench in our back entrance from the garage, here's a pic, smile!!!!
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