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  1. I watched this video a number of times trying to understand where this went wrong. When you watch with the sound on and listen to what is going on while watching the position of the machine, I think he is in blade stall almost the entire flight. However I would like to hear a few opinions from those with more experience than me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnjJgfYOFqs
  2. Phil is correct you need to see them both and then make your call. That said MV is a bit of a "puppy mill" they produce a lot of good pilots so many in fact that only about 10% ever get jobs, or at least that was the stat shared with me a few years back. There are simply more 100 hour wonders across the country than will ever be jobs for. However the hard workers often find a way in. If I was doing it againg today and LR and MV were my choices I would choose LR with out a second thought. They have smaller classes so less competition and currently hold the contract for CTN (the global news he
  3. Rotorspeed, well said. I suppose I did take an unnecessary cheap shot with my previous comments. However I have been following this forum off and on for the past few years and it sure seems like there have been significantly more cheap shots and down right dirty blows directed towards our American friends at Springbank than they deserve. Especially when you consider that every one of them is unfounded and clearly based on fear of friendly competition and or lies started by an unknown source (whom I might add is obviously unenlightened or perhaps just an unhappy person who might just carry arou
  4. Actually they have been around for well over a decade. That base has only been around for a few years. Yes they did have a dynamic roll over about a year ago. However the "puppy mill" next door to them has "balled up" a number of times in their history. So I'm not really sure that one accident on the books for the entire history of the company is that big of a deal.
  5. Red Eagle can do it for about $300/hr and I think they could do it at their Spring bank Alberta base.
  6. Yeah thats true they had a dynamic roll over about a month ago with one of their machines. However they have others and I think the replacement machine will be on line shortly.
  7. Red Eagle Aviation is a US based company with a training base in Calgary (Springbank CYBW) they use full IFR Schweizer 300CBi's for $320/hr. As far as the transition's go don't sweat it they walk you through the entire process, which happens to be a piece of cake.
  8. I was just speaking with the instructor who was at the controls of this machine this morning. He explained that the student was trying hovering and drifted rearward and caught the skid and it rolled over. He, the instructor, said he tried to regain control but it was too late. "it all happened in the blink of an eye."
  9. You could check out Red Eagle Aviation at Spring Bank (CYBW) they are the only FAA helicopter flight school in Canada. They fly S300 CBi's, now I might be wrong but I THINK you can fly their N registered aircraft with your Canadian licence. They run in the $300 range. I know they have a number of people that would do time building with you to share costs.
  10. Have you looked south of the border? I would be shocked if you couldn't find a CFI in North Dakota. As a side note I under stand that the university of North Dakota runs possibly the largest flight school in the world, some of which is helicopter. I think they offer private training. If you go south the transition to get a Canadian licence after passing the FAA minimums is a piece of cake. Also you might try Rick Eardmann of Millennia Helicopters in Winnipeg. Millennia is not running full time right now because Rick is training military pilots. If he will do it he is arguably one of the best
  11. I dont know Luca, but I know Tony. He and I trained together at Millennia in the late 90's together. He is a great guy and I would trust that if he's with LR then they are a class act operation. If I were just looking for 206 or 500 time in a good environment at CYBW I would also check out Red Eagle. Their rates and turbine equipment are top notch.
  12. Is the company in question really charging its employees $25K for a mountian course. Thats crazy. Just a suggestion, I went to the states and for about $10k built up 50 additional hours, all of which were in the mounians. The conditions there were very similar to say Jasper area.
  13. Yeah I thought so too. What I gather from it is the Robinson design is touchy and when handled with in its very specific guidelines they are ok machines, just like any other helicopter. Just perhaps a little less forgiving. I have to admit all I was really trying to do is stir things up a bit. Clearly this is a debate that has been going on for years and in my opinion theres not a real solid winner.
  14. http://www.ntsb.gov/publictn/1996/SIR9603.pdf The above link is to an NTSB report on R22's which along with many other interesting "facts" it states that the fatal accidents/100,000 flight hours are 2.5 times greater in the R22 than the Hughes 269.
  15. I dont think I said "unreliable" I belive I said "unstable". The machine is very reliable. As a matter of fact you can count on it being twitchy every time you fire one up.
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