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  1. Dave started just after me at Blackcomb helicopters, I think it was 96. He was the base manager and I was Chief Pilot and as far as we were concerned we owned Whistler, my god did we have some fun. There are people that we all meet through working together that become lifelong friends and Dave did this a lot, I'm glad that I was one. I'm on my way to Whistler from Prince Rupert to hoist many drinks for our lost friend. If anybody wants to join the crew PM me or get in touch cause we'd love to see you. Dave Weir.
  2. congrats on your new job!!!i was trying to get on but i didn't even get an interview which i thought was a little weird since i have 9000 hrs most of it heavy multi-engine...may i ask did you know anybody there prior??anyways i ended getting on with abu dhabi aviation so i'm quite happy working 6 weeks on 6 weeks off in the middle east,its an adventure for sure...again congr...

  3. This is also a good point. Most politicians deserve a good jab. I was up front on his recci flight of the area, we did the two crew thing in the 212. As PNF I just did my thing and had a good look around. The folks in the back had a decent discussion on the area and the people affected, seemed like there was genuine concern. The group was told by the forest service about how all the aircraft were civilian contractors on both long and short term hire, and what a top notch job they were doing. The whole flight was fairly positive given the circumstances. And you should have seen
  4. Good point. And in fact a private sector machine did do the flight.
  5. Come on. Did you expect the Premier not to survey the biggest situation going on in the province?
  6. PM me your email address and I'll hook a brother up.
  7. I just puked a little in my mouth.. Here's one for you Plink.
  8. Let me know if that went through. Things went a little funky.
  9. Training is going to be a challenge with the restraining order in place. :bye:
  10. I plan on living forever....so far so good.
  11. Any time. You should see my PPC study guide. :punk:
  12. I put this together as a basic information package on heliskiing. It's not everything that you need to know, but it's a start. In the past some have ripped it apart, I suppose that's to be expected on the internet. Take from it what you can. If anybody has something to add to it, please do. Dave Weir There are several things to consider before a days work heli-skiing. The following are just a few: 1) Weather: 1) Your personal level of training and visibility limitations (are you half mile rated?) 2) What are the temperature and the due point, and
  13. Oh not bad. It's Friday night so the good times are going to roll. Watch out. I've got my 270 gal bambi now to do do a complete comparison and start working on my detailed report. After my shaky start with the storm I'm willing to give it another try (if given the chance). I'm going to head out the the airport here in a while and see if I can do a better job of folding up the storm tank and stuffing it into it's bag. At the moment the thing is a little unruly. Every time I fold up the frame I count my fingers to make sure I still have all of them. Part of the problem is that the t
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