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  1. I ran into Mel on some Sioux Lookout fires back in the '70s. I recall he had a great sense of humor and had some great stories to tell, too.
  2. First I'm cowardly, lame and a dinosaur. Now I'm bitter about a past flying career. You people should associate more often. I'll address the dinosaur part: You start the engine. You roll on some throttle. You pull up and go. Has something changed that I'm not aware of? Added bonus: You're all still talking about the same things we talked about back in the dinosuar age. The more things change, the more things remain the same. I can't wait for all the meaningful and insightfull comments on that. Now we come to the bitter old man part of the intelligence you've gathered roaming around this boar
  3. As I said, I wasn't party to anything HEPAC did or didn't accomplish, other than what I read in this forum. That was a good 15 or 18 years ago - almost a generation now. I was not in a position to participate at the time. If you're incapable of comprehending, that's not my problem. The thing is, you have already accomplished something. A need was identified, a petition was presented, and like-minded individuals signed. The completed petition was forwarded to the appropriate agency. Whether your efforts are recognized or not, you just accomplished something. Forgive me if I repeat myself. W
  4. I didn't realize I was back in high skool. I am reminded of the petty cries of "Do you know who I am?" in El Lay when the doorman turned away people in front of us. Fortunately, I have absolutely no idea who Mr. Lewis is, nor do I wish to know him. Mr. Lewis has made some valid points in some of his posts, as I'm sure many of you will agree. I have no idea whatsoever who the participants/representatives of HEPAC were, nor do I wish to know them, either; however, had I been made aware that there would be a test, perhaps I'd have studied. Unfortunately, at the time HEPAC was having a go with
  5. Speaking of the small steps mentioned in my previous post: Apparently Transport Canada has a varying method of enforcement/interpretation of regulations depending on the region or company. Why is that, exactly? Why wouldn't an association of pilots take on some of those perceived variations and attempt to standardize certain of the regulations that may affect them? Some have expressed concerns about foreign pilots permitted into Canada to do the work of Canadians who are "under-qualified", or to address a perceived pilot shortage. Well, boys and girls, where is your submission to the powers
  6. Please allow me to replace my sadly misapplied word "corporate" with "company". Then you'll really get my drift. Whether you know it or not, whether you realize it or not, whether you understand it or not, whether you're willing to admit it or not, an association of pilots submitted a petition to Transport Canada. It had nothing to do with a union, nor did the petition represent or propose to be a bargaining agent. Like many others, you pretend to misunderstand the meaning of the word association, and use the word union interchangeably. Of course, for those who can't or won't be bothered to
  7. How interesting. Now how long before the slagging begins by those with corporate interests?
  8. Good grief. What a load. If you all had been intelligent enough to start an Association, foreign job ads would be a good place for it to start with the questioning of need, abilities and a letter submitted to the appropriate government Ministers and lawmakers. Unfortunately, you're all left to complain in a forum where lawyers rule. Good luck with that one. Now go tape your keyboards over and go back to sleep.
  9. It's extremely unfortunate that many of you have chosen to shoot the messenger - namely Mr. Lewis - by means of insults, rather than take an opportunity to refute intelligently what he has written. For those of you who crazily deny that Mr. Lewis and his association will ever represent you, you might want to consider that if you're not one who consented to contributing to his particular survey, then, in fact, his survey does not represent you. On the other hand, if you responded to the survey done on this web site, you are now a member of an association dedicated to making changes to t
  10. It amuses me greatly to read how terrified most of you are of anything with the word "Association" in it. It leads me to suspect that some of you could well be shilling for owners and managers. In the Canadian helicopter industry, nothing and no one is more scared and afraid of a pilots' and/or engineers' association than company owners and managers, even though they are utterly and completely ignorant of how such an endeavour would function for the benefit of its members and the companies they work for.
  11. My name isn't Fred. And even if it was, you quoted the wrong statement. Here's the one you should memorize: I bolded the essential parts. Can I make it any plainer for ya there, skippy?
  12. Good luck with the petition, but you're much too late to the prom. Even the ugly girls are not going to dance with you at this late date.
  13. It only takes one - or, at most, two - to form an association of like-minded individuals. Such an association may call itself anything they choose. Furthermore, if you don't want anything to do with it, don't consider yourself a member - which you so obviously aren't. Speaking of all of you who like to represent yourselves, how did your presentations regarding flight and duty times for helicopter pilots go over the course of the last working group? Did any of you have any thoughts or concerns about the current 40-year-old flight and duty time requirements? Did your concerns get addres
  14. I must agree with Mr. Lewis' assessment of Some Collection of Miscellaneous Company's (SCMC) burning desire to be exempted from limits on pilot flight and duty times. He makes some very valid points. The "current system" has been in vogue for over 40 years. The current system continues to be unworkable. If you haven't thought that out for yourself yet, go back to the bush where you belong. Go back to flying eight or ten hours a day. Go back to living in a fire camp where you never get away from the duties of the job. Go back to the drill camp; the seismic camp; the arctic camp. Continue to
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