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  1. That footage is from Helicopters. Straight Up. Available for 14 bucks at Amazon.ca.
  2. When I was with 3 RCR we had three principles we lived by. At least that's what the RSM told us. 1) Relentless pursuit of the mission. 2) Demonstrate an indifference to discomfort 3) Accept the ironies of army life They've served me well every day of my career and they will serve you well too. Once again, I'll see you on the 16th.
  3. ASL, Read this entire website, including the "Future Instructors" tab. http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/ You can fail IAP/BOTP/BMOQ or whatever it is that we're doing. It's really easy to fail actually, just make a lot of small mistakes or one big one. The course content itself is very easy, but getting through it is another thing entirely. Getting up a 4:30am and getting run around until 10:30-11:00 at night for 15 weeks is hard on the body and it's hard on people too. Expect to see lots of injuries (both real and fake) and lots of people drop off the course for personal reas
  4. If anyone has names can they PM me?
  5. I had to do that on my flight test. Seriously. In a R22 At night. In the rain. Scratch that. In a hurricane. For Serious.
  6. TQN, not a concern. The only real aside from the topic is that Fenestron has now permanently acquired Fen-Fen as his new handle. Just found out that my request to deploy to Kandahar has been squashed by the higher-ups, no tour for me until 08 it looks like. Oh well, at least the wife will be happy.
  7. Just saying nobody had mentioned Iraq until you brought it up. The article referenced action in southern Afghanistan. Let's try and keep this on track. I realise that these days it's pretty easy for folks to get fired up about the conflicts going on, I just wanted to try and point out the professionalism and courage of the soldiers in the 'ghan because we've stopped hearing about a lot it. (Not that I don't enjoy the odd heated topic as much as the next guy. It get's people thinking, but poor Kyle's going to be run ragged at this pace )
  8. Pretty easy mistake to make, I'm sure he won't do that again though. It serves as an excellent reminder to all of us to avoid complacency for our sakes and our crew. Glad no one was hurt.
  9. R22, so I would finally have a viable chance at meaningful employment. (There's no reason to blame my complete lack of marketable job skills.)
  10. Amen! I thought he was going to write off that machine for sure! Entertaining clip, but here comes the Aftermath. * ducks AND covers. *
  11. Someone should have dubbed in the low Rotor RPM horn for kicks.
  12. This thread continues to bring back lots of memories, keep up the good work. Don't forget to take lots of pictures and video (if you can). I wish I could have taken more care to document my training.
  13. Nothing to worry about. Get a good nights sleep the night previous to the exam. I wrote the entire exam in 45 minutes without any problems. RTFQ2 is a pretty solid plan and don't second guess yourself. A lot of the questions are easy. There's nothing else to the question, it's just easy! Don't look for hidden meanings or read too far into the question. Have Fun, it's your chance to prove that your hard work paid off.
  14. You can't tell me that with the 1,000,000 combined flight time on this forum that no-one else has flown the R22. Try doing a +37C with a hefty pax (sorry bro, I know you'll read this) and no wind. Thank god for being under 1000ASL. My new favourite saying. Now that's aviation humour at it's finest.
  15. It just needs a bit of WD40 and some carb cleaner!
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