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  1. Hey Cap, when I did my PPL-A the minimum age was 17, and that was many moons ago. That was 25 years ago now. Man time goes by so darn quick. jurjen I just want to repeat what Skidz tells you. Make sure that you have a work visa, or permanent residency before your training. Otherwise you will be forced to leave the country and apply before you can look for a job. I would also check out Transport Canada'a website for eyesight standards. You will need to pass the Canadian medical prior to starting your training. You can find the medical standards at http://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/
  2. pitchlink, I know of one other tail in the water with a 205. Happened to be the same company, but I know that driver didn't continue to work there afterwards.
  3. Yeah I'm sure Bruce will get right on that. Right after the Devil straps on a snowboard, and goes heli-skiing in Hades. No you're half right, he'll take the insurance money.
  4. Hey Twinnie, a friend and I might be going to that one. Assuming we can convince the higher-ups to let us go. It's supposed to be a reasonable airshow. I know they've had the B1 there. Saw it take out the fence at the Aeroshell in YYC when it tried to leave to go home. :shock: I'll let you know if we get clearance for the trek.
  5. Well they pay the bill, so they feel they can dictate the qualifications of those who are allowed to work for them. What galls me, is when BC was burning, they had the nerve to tell TC to waive the flight time regs, when there were fresh pilots available, but who didn't have an "approved" mountain course. So they thought having tired crews preferable/safer to fresh crews.
  6. Last time I checked it was a BCFS requirement, not TC. The only agency that 'approves' the course is BCFS. The pilot isn't asked by BCFS, they ask the operator. You know the forestry pilot form you fill out in late winter/ early spring. The policy of approved mountain courses came about in 1997. If you had flown for BCFS prior to that year, they had to 'grandfather' you.
  7. PJ he was awhile ago. Haven't heard a peep out of him since April.
  8. PJ, I didn't get downunder this winter, but will be there for this Christmas. And we will be staying in the land of golden sand, warm ocean waters, and where the winter temps go all the way down to 15C. Don't know how I'll survive, perhaps I'll bring the old Snow Goose Parka with me. I guess we'll just have to find a way. I'm not working this year, decided to take the summer off. It's quite nice actually being able to plan things. Cheers
  9. It would be handy to keep the gun on it, I must admit. :up: If the load is a little heavy, just shoot pieces off of it until it lifts. :up:
  10. Have fun Charles !!! :up: :up: Ahhh the Canso, haven't heard one since Sask stopped bringing them to the MJ airshow. This one was at an auction in YXD back in the 80's. Went for $100,000, and had low time engines. I'm pretty sure a museum bought it. Not sure which though. cheers
  11. Take all of the mil stuff off, and it would be a great lifter. However the big growth under the cockpit severly limits downwards viz. Cheers
  12. There was a couple of British AH64's in YYC the other day. Unfortunately most of the guys were off having lunch, so we couldn't get a tour. cheers
  13. Hey happy belated birthday !!!! :up: :up: You're now in the land of the double medical. :down: Cheers mate
  14. Why can't the companies run better re-current/indoc training ?? PL you say that the flightschool should teach students about FM radios. So they will need to buy every type of FM and teach each student how to operate each. That's something that each operator should be doing, during re-current. The student has a lot to learn in a very short period of time. I agree with this, as it's part of basic navigation and the students should understand the basic datums, and how to deal with UTM. If the course was longer, then students could be taught how to take care of op
  15. Our man Ned is putting on a conference downunder. What month would be best for you to attend ?? As mentioned in another thread these are the only choises for right now. Oh in case any are wondering, that is Australian winter at that time, and the low temp in the Whitsunday Islands can be a frigid 10C, with a daytime high of 18 - 25C Bloody horrible if you ask me !!! If you can go, bring the insulated shorts !!!! Cheers
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