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  1. Last night I watched a program on the killing of that SOB Bin Laden. I have been flying helicopters for 40 years in the bush and never in the military. I just wanted to say to any military crews flying in harms way that I cannot begin to find the right words for all you do. It really hit home on this Bin Laden Mission for me. These crews went with no cover and no idea if they would be coming back. Where do they get this courage. Then I realized that this applies to all the military crews everywhere. I spent last summer checking out Air Museums and all the WW2 bombers. I realized how terrifying
  2. So the Helicopter MOT Doctor folks have seen fit that I am no longer fit to fly by myself. Well at 60 this stuff starts to happen. Been flying since 73 but not in a dual pilot environment except for Instructing many years ago and being a training pilot. Anybody else in this position? And any suggestions. I spent almost all my career in the Bush and am already to old to go IFR. Maybe just hang it up although another medical has been done and maybe the MOT folks will relent. Doubtful though. One thing, It sure was fantastic for almost 40 years. The best job in the world.
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