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  1. When you live in the past you do not live in the solution! Maybe the steel company wanted the strike and paid off the union bosses to fix the vote!!!! Who knows who cares. The one thing history has pointed out is " United we stand ..Divided we fall "
  2. Helicopter pilots are little people, doing little jobs, with big egos! Most are cowboys from what I can see!! All intelegent professionals are organized. Name one group that is not?
  3. The answer is simple. The Helicopter Pilots of Canada Union. Only when you have the power to park all the medium helicopters in Canada for a day will anything change
  4. If I am convicted of Impaired driving do I loose my pilot's licence in Canada?
  5. Great post!!!! It is only to the operators advantage to help you get Employment Insurance...especially in a poor season! Ignorance is no excuse.
  6. It is a full hip replacement, so I assume there will be no problems
  7. I am having surgery that will require a full anesthetic. Can I expect a negative reaction from Transport?
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