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  1. Hey Dave,

    Wasn’t there a database back in the day of pearls of wisdom for troubleshooting that one could access without bothering you and others?


  2. Same problem then also could not sign in-it keeps rejecting the user
  3. i am in Placerville California which is 40 miles west of south lake tahoe. Believe it or not im still a tech rep with eurocopter(or airbus). i am 76 years old and i guess didn't have a hobby. i orginally traveled to all the west coast states and Alaska and hawaii but now just stay close to home as most of the trouble calls come by email. There are still a few gazelles here-mostly imported military and a few 342's from Europe. I mainly do the 350 here and have written a lot of troubleshooting on the 350 which i send to whom ever wants it. My Kids and grand kids are in Calgary. i hear from en
  4. i was aerospatiale tech rep in Canada 1970-1984. Its nice to see the posts on a lot of the friends and serial numbers again.
  5. STD practice manual 730 inch pounds
  6. The 350 B2 and B3 draw between 350 and 600 amps when selecting start.
  7. 350B3- Hung start at 30%: (Assuming the engine lite up since its at 30%) Info on the T4 at 30 % would help in troubleshooting. Info on Engine Model 2B or 2B1. Possible causes: 1. Battery, The voltage drop should not go below 20 volts. Use an APU start and again watch the voltage drop. 2. Starter Brushes and commutator. 3. Starter connection: terminal -C- 20 volts minimun. 4. Starter terminal -C (Input voltage) for tightness. 5. Starter terminal -E- ( ground lug) for tightness. 6. 5N ground ( Inside rear baggage compartment (RH side) 7. Batter
  8. Another thought on blade pins Buff Coat with TIOLUBE 460 (MIL-C-8937) or Gunblue Coat with Dow 3400A Bake dry 355 grease or Plastilube
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