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  1. PRC work's very fine if you use a acid brush to give it a non-slick surface, like a stuko wall, I was working for a while with Teflon anti-shaffe tape, the brown one, and they don't last long, especially after being in contact with oil, grease, soap. The price for a roll of tape is almost 100$, and you probably need 1 can of PRC b2 1|2 witch cost 20$ to do the job.
  2. I'm sorry but I'm just being told that the customers who are in fact the camp owner doesn't like that kind of publicity. So, I'm affraid that this topic will be closed, and therefore I'm very sorry and I'm reaffirm my good intentions about this. Could someone from the forum admin could delete this topic and all the post in it, please !!!
  3. -Chukotat Lake, QC, Anglo-American, 4 stars, very well equipped camp, board walk, paco toilet, hs internet wiifi, voip phone, well equipped kitchen. Nice helipad with a electric fixed refulling pump (fast refulling). - Ren Lake, Discovery mining, 3 stars, small but causy, could improved on dry shack and toilet system. Small heli pad but solid. - Nanuq Camp, Peregrine mining, 3,5 stars, well equipped, but tents could be more insulated. Nice elec fence, good food, toilet need improvement. No helipad, just a flat bed rock -
  4. Just add "Special Award for Awsome service", well understand ...
  5. Since we are spending most of our time in camp, and it's a good idea to know what kind of installation you are going to. Like the star rating system of hotel, you could give your appreciation on thoses you visited. Reminder: It's a camp, don't expect having a jacouzzi, king size bed and cable TV. But they should be a minimum of confort and decency. Ratings: 1 star: Very dirty, no hot water, no illimited sat-com (phone-internet), no kitchen, like real camping. 2 stars : Clean, hot water, limited com (no internet), kitchen but no cook, explorer tent metal frame. 3 stars: Like 2 star with internet, cook and wooden tent insulated. washer-dryer 4 stars: Like 3 star, with really good food, no toilet cabin (like a hole in the ground) but a paco bag toilet or similar. 5 stars: Trailers, full equipped bathroom with water toilet, cable tv, activities on camp, extraordinaire cuisine, like a HQ camp, or other big site camp. This rating systems is to be improved, so feel free to send me any suggestions. You must not use this to discriminate any company, and it's only to give others a over-view of a camp site. Most of the company are trying to improved their site year after year, so they might check this forum to have some feedback, feel free to post any suggestion. Pictures are appreciated. Please dont forget to include the year you visit the camp, so we know if the raiting is up to date. Thanks, have a nice tour !!
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