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  1. Not quite true, you need to have the cellular version if you want to be able to receive GPS signal (as the cellular radio is also the GPS antenna). You don't need an active data plan, just the cellular version. If you don't have the cellular version, just buy a Garmin Glo or a Bad Elf as an external GPS receiver and it will bluetooth to your iPad. More info here: https://foreflight.com/support/buying-guide/
  2. Results of the investigation are here: http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/flight-safety/article-template-flight-safety.page?doc=ch148822-cyclone-epilogue/kae63jt8
  3. From what I recall on one of the Solocks exams was that as soon as something goes on the hook, all quantity restrictions etc went out the window. There are of course exceptions if you’re hauling explosives but fuel, propane etc, as long as you had it in your COM and EC paperwork, you’re good to go.
  4. I used to work for an operator that had all their training on line. But our training syllabus also had an hour component you could bill for or put on your time sheet if you were an employee. It was based on the type and length of the exam. Example: an INDOC COM exam with 70 questions or so you could bill for 3 hours. It seemed fair and it shut up a lot of complaints.
  5. You can replace the machine. I’m relieved to hear the crew are ok.
  6. I think Cathy Press can do it at Chinook. Might be worth giving her a call.
  7. I've set myself up with a company for doing the odd side gig/relief work. Very simple in Alberta, did it all at a registry. All in with the accounting software (online) for about $500. Accountants do most of the heavy lifting but now I have a numbered company setup to do any side work (I do sideline IT consulting, etc.) For minimal overhead I'd say it's worth it, however, I don't use it as my primary income so your mileage may vary. All the best!
  8. Anyone willing to share a copy of the a B3e flight manual? Thanks!
  9. https://www.verticalmag.com/news/talon-helicopters-airbus-as365-dauphin-nighttime-firefighting/
  10. There was a write up on Vertical with Talon Helicopters getting NVG approved with their AS365. Perhaps them as a trial?
  11. Hi Harry, My FAA license is without any restrictions, therefore I don't believe it's any different than a regular FAA commercial license. I do not believe that you need to have dual licenses with you at all times unless your changing from a C registered ship to an N registered ship on the daily. You are correct that night training is standard for an FAA full commercial license. It is not part of the training in Canada unless you specifically ask for it. I personally went and did the 10 hours of training at Chinook and had my Day VFR limitation removed from my license. The literat
  12. The Standard Aero power check tool is also very useful for any Allison product. Also available on the app store.
  13. Tobese, Take all of these comments with a grain of salt. I entered this industry with some knowledge of "how it works" from the job I had previous to flying. I was around your age and had another career already so for me it was going to be a change and with that, to start at the bottom again. That said, I saved for a few years until I had most of my flight school monies saved up rather than going into massive debt. Once school started, I treated it as a job interview from day one and it paid off. My first gig out school was a no flying gig, but that was communicated. In which, I le
  14. Costco doesn't do molded ear plugs in Canada anymore. I got mine done in Calgary from Bow River Hearing. Was about $100 and had it back in a week. They use Oto plugs.
  15. That's for CRA staff members only. Not a guide to other agencies. More here: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/corporate/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/travel-directive.html#a2
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