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  1. Excellent Post Jetbox to refer to him as a friendly Pot Grower is assinine and Ignorant. And yes I'll say it the purple EC120 wasn't hauling the pot it was to busy moving a load of Coke at the time, C'mon Mags I would expect that from others but not you.
  2. Wozza HBD you seem to be Mustang's biggest HR promoter here this is the second one you have thrown up, I think we know where you will be doing your "contract QA" work, and just what is contract QA work anyway.
  3. Hey Duf, have you spoken to anyone at Great Slave Helicopters, regarding the flight school they have in Edmonton.
  4. OK People what's your favorite type of flying? Fires, Heli-Ski, Seismic, Drill Moves, Logging, Etc.. personally I prefer my cargo to be at least 130ft below and not in the backseat breathing
  5. As for the definitions of SLANDER AND LIBEL I would suggest to anyone to look in a dictionary for the true definitions of each, I however will not discuss this with Bleedvalve as I don not communicate with COWARDS....Good Day.
  6. This Thread should be closed and blocked IMMEDIATELY as a reputable company is having thier name drawn through the MUD by this COWARD. RDM, KYLE, ANYONE.
  7. In my previous post I used the word "attempt" when in all actualitty you did slander this company by your remarks, for your sake I hope know one finds your true identity, because if you thought you had problems before, your recent remarks can only make things worse. Perhaps if you were to give your real name with these post it would show more conviction, instead for now you are only a Coward.
  8. Bleedvalve, if you don't want the position you can say no, there is no need to attempt to slander anyone, this sir is what a true gentleman would do!
  9. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa RDM this was not meant to offend anyone,let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater! this forum still is a place for professional discusion on many topics, a few may raise some Hackles now and agian, but this happens everyday in real life, So RDM I would ask you to reconsider your resignation on this matter. Bambi Bucket
  10. Good catch OT I think I should have thrown your name into the hat as well.
  11. Good to hear HV, I don't think it would be required that you not refresh yourself while monitoring, this I think would only be more genuine, as for Eaton does it count if I have spent time at Zellers of Sarnia...
  12. Somebody please stop this guy!!!!! anyone, anyone? Bleedvalve please you already have taken over a few of the other threads, leave this one alone if you can, I am happy that you are fortunate enough to have graduated from such a fine public school as Eaton in the UK. :hide:
  13. Literate in the 1500's dang half my family can't even read now! Your Highness?
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