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  1. I flew traffic in Vancouver as my first job for a year and a half with the company mentioned above. I did not get my commercial license through them, just happened to make a stop by there during my road trip. As far as I know they still run the helicopters in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto. You do have to have a night rating to fly the traffic however. If you have any other questions, feel free to DM me
  2. Awesome, thanks tachell
  3. We have recently purchased iPads for our aircraft (206, 212, 205), and are looking for ways to mount them, preferably without having to get a STC. We aren't sure how a suction cup would hold up either on window or dash, day after day...worried that that if it falls in flight that it could end up down at the foot controls or break through the bubble. We figure velcro won't hold well in the summer, as the heat will soften the glue. Any comments, suggestions or if you don't mind sharing how you mount your tablet into your aircraft are appreciated. Fly safe
  4. Im now living and flying news in Vancouver and had to get a helmet for it, I spoke and looked everywhere. Ended up getting a LH250 from Tiger with hush kit and zeta liner for about $2200 after shipping, etc. Vector carries only 350's I believe they are a bit more expensive than 350's from Tiger or Helicopterhelmets for some reason, guessing because its in Canada. And look and craigslist as well, seen a couple 250's in Vancouver on there before. Good luck!!
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