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  1. That is a wise strategy because it allows you to act as co-pilot on a multi-crew helicopter and there is no time limit to it's validity. If you write the ATPL(H) exams (HARON, HAMRA) you will have 24 months to accumulate the required flight times required to hold the actual ATPL(H) license. If you do not acquire those flight times within 24 months of writing the exams you will have to re-write them again, gain all the remaining hours to hold the license then submit all your log books to prove you have the pre-requiste types of flight hours to hold the ATPL(H). If when you submit your
  2. Ah----would you believe I do it for nothing because I enjoy helping others fullfill their flying dreams!! Just wish that is the tack that most people would take instead of trying to profit from these people all the time. Thanks.
  3. Just a piece of advice for any prospective students out there from an unbiased Class 1 helicopter instructor who is not working for any school at this time but has knowledge of them all: if anyone tells you to stay clear of a certain type of aircraft or a certain school remember that the sales job has already begun. You should ask the instructor from BC Heli what type they used to use successfully for years and why they changed? These guys have the B.S. advantage over all of you and they are trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to selling a bigger and better course. All instructors
  4. Thanks for the kudos maxtorc, was great working with you. John now runs his own school--Okanagan Mountain Helicopters along with instructor Chris Randolph. John did my instructor training in Whitecourt and I worked with him there for just over two years. In a word his training was "superb" and it has carried me forward as an instructor/professional pilot to this day. The guys up in Kelowna are dedicated to their craft and apply a no-nonsense approach. They know of what they speak and are some of the best "Robbie" instructors in the country. Good luck to all of you in your endeavours and
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