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  1. remember,rule 2 , The minister may make exemptions...we've seen repairs and extensions granted to companies that made us go Huh?? how'd they do that. and even dual inspections by the cook are allowed. one thing on Astars too,, Make sure you have those changed every time nuts entered in the book and in inventory or taken out of, as Transport look for it I'm told, especially after an incident.
  2. these are available at NAPA and are great for MEK etc.
  3. as one of those who had cancer in their early 40's anyone exposed to it should be aware of the risks , No different than MEK, talk to guys who have poisoning from it and had to have a bag put on them that its no biggie.. Till your laying in a bed counting the days..
  4. and also if your looking at courses and want to work international, Make sure the course has an Faa credentials. Northern Lights etc courses are Canada only.
  5. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/toronto-lawyers-announce-500-million-class-action-lawsuit-against-the-makers-of-roundup-herbicide
  6. velcro doesnt cut it. Installed is the prime word, They used to try and get people for suction cups as well, and even floor protectors, and being as a floor protector or floor mat was just"laying there" it wasnt installed. So no STC needed .you had to account for it in the W&B though.
  7. also, N2 gauges suck on a jet box. confirm your rpm with a vibrex sometime and then set your rpm's knowing what the true RPM is. Every 206 I saw was 1% low. the OAT guage is never right either and yet they want the anti ice on at a precise reading?? and do your power checks off of the reading even
  8. also clean that shaft as the exhaust soot will work its way onto the bushing and cause the bushing to not move unless you have hyds on. If you have a B1 and down and loose Hyds with a spider assy that wont slide ,your in a world of hurt if you lose Hyds. I saw it twice. If you have the pitch links off. try and move the pedals back and forth on an inspection, to ensure the spider assy moves ..
  9. Prist and remember there is several SB's on limitations and equipment required,l there is one to mod the screen on the fuel pump as well
  10. Northern lights is the best I've seen, Bell is alright, BUT that course is recognized around the world, whereas the other is valid only in Canada, others I've not heard much about, I heard Essential is best Northern lights is 2 and Standard's course was only sitting looking at a computer screen ,,
  11. Just wondering if someone remembers a company called McEwan that ran some leased 500's in NS etc in the 70's.
  12. You better learn one thing a day in this business, we read these and learn.. period,,
  13. #### I saw a machine land that was full to the brim with powder once..just tossed it out and off the went..
  14. http://www.capsnplugs.com/product-protection-finishing/c/829
  15. from my research I saw people getting in as a technical scientist...vs ame... I had an L1 for many yrs also.. the lawyer did all the work,, ame isnt in nafta unfortunately.. one thing working for an american company, is after 1 1/2 yrs, you qualify for old age and with it medicare in case you want to retire I was told.
  16. Remember when Canadian had laid a bunch of guys off when their 212's came back from a contract, and then got another, most wouldn't grace their doors again, same as when VIH took over NMH's work and did the surprise Xmas layoffs, so the guys wouldnt grace their door after that also. Perhaps the guys in the cold north will learn the lesson next, But if you can turn a wrench, Manpower will probably put you on a course to go make twice the money in a warm shop in Alberta or Sask. Cougar and IMP seem to be busy also my cousin said.
  17. Just to ask what folks are using as an alternate to the SEI bags, the crew broke 2 so far and they are a couple hundred bucks a pop. I thought a hockey bag or something ??thanks
  18. Just to ask if anyone has info on the mil spec 'd alternative to Mastinox, I've read where the Coast Guard in the states use a product called Cor ban 27. thanks
  19. https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07e8nwmq9639b39c20&oseq=&c=&ch=
  20. http://www.barry.ca/helicopter/helicopter-long-line-basic-inspection-training.htm good to watch if your sitting on a Thursday aft. they have a couple of Youtube videos that are a good watch also
  21. RIP Jim I worked 2 summers for him in Rankin.and Thompson.
  22. how many hrs on the gov? can you swap them? I have seen once a bleed at the throttle shaft bushing at high power settings. most gov's on 206 seem to die a hr after warranty on a 206. Call Mike senior at essential,.
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