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  1. Speaking of opportunities in other industries, a very reputable trucking firm is looking for multiple owner operators to pull their NGL super B bottles from Rainbow Lake to Ft. Saskatchewan, 6 loads per day, 365 days per year, for a solid 5 year contract. They have a reputation of paying very good rates. Starts next April. Do the math...... Now THAT'S stability! Glad I have a wife with a class 1.
  2. A year into the contract, I'm looking for any feedback and experiences, positive or negative. It seems to be that time of year again. Have one source so far, and looking for more if possible. A lot of negative sentiment going into the contract last year (as evidenced above) and wondering how it turned out for those in the know. Thanks in advance, pm if you'd rather.
  3. Go to page 9 of the appendix in this link: http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/air_cert/international/bilateral_agreements/baa_basa_listing/media/Canada_IPL_rev1.pdf There's not many hours required for commercial, but quite a bit more for ATPL
  4. You will have to apply to the FAA for a license validation. Download a Form 8060-71 from the FAA, fill it out and send it to them. A month or so later they'll send you a validation letter (good for 6 months). Get a class 1 or class 2 FAA medical ( you can find an FAA medical examiner in Canada). Write your CCH exam at your earliest convenience at most any flight school in the U.S. You should also before this set up an appointment at an FSDO office, ideally nearest to where you're writing your exam, where you will process your actual FAA Airmans certificate. Fill out form 8610-2 (they will ask
  5. I did the ACH in April but not CCH. Study material for helicopter Canadian conversion exams is slim pickings, and I ended up using a general question bank from dauntless. By General I mean an extensive data base that covers much more than just the Canadian conversion. I assume the CCH will be similar.
  6. Just thought I'd refresh this idea as a method of documenting when you apply. From a few pages back.
  7. Thanks, and yes, you have to hold, at a minimum, an FAA class 3 medical to apply for the certificate. My class 1 medical downgraded to class 3 by being over 12 calander months old. But to actually exercise the privileges of the certificate I'd have to renew it. Dauntless worked fine, but I could've just focused on air law and communication out of the entire part 135 ATP helicopter question bank. It's important to fully understand all aspects of the subject matter, as almost half of the questions were not verboten from the dauntless question bank.
  8. FAA ATP certificate completed. Took about 3 hours total to write the ACH exam in Helena then drive to the other side of the airport to the FSDO office to apply for the certificate. Very painless. TC, are you listening? Incredibly helpful folks there and ended up chatting more about Baja than scrutinizing the last required 0.4 of IF time. The gentleman had already carefully examined the revision to the IPL allowing the helicopter conversion so there was no need to hash that out. It came into force between March 4 and 10th and he figured I might have been the first to apply through the new IPL.
  9. I'm using the Dauntless software, ATP group of exams, and specifically studying the FAA Part 135 Helicopter ATPL question bank. Unfortunately, Dauntless doesn't offer a study guide specifically for the ACH exam, so they told me to study all of the Part 135 ATP group of questions. It will mean I'll be up to speed on some subjects that won't be on my exam, but I'm fine with that. As for "what's with all the excitement". Well, there may not be any jobs on international N-reg heli's. Now. Or next year. But what about the year after, or the next oil boom? My FAA ATPL will not expire and it
  10. I should have posted these links a long time ago. Enjoy: http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/air_cert/international/bilateral_agreements/baa_basa_listing/media/Canada_IPL_rev1.pdf And: http://www.faa.gov/training_testing/testing/media/testing_matrix.pdf
  11. The key word that I've left out would be "unrestricted" ATPL-H. I honestly don't know if they'll convert a restricted ATPL day/vfr only. Good question. The requirements for night and instrument experience for the FAA ATPL are listed in the IPL annex (or appendix) and in 14 CFR Part 61. It requires more night and more instrument than the TC ATPL-H so be aware of that. To answer your original question, if you qualify with an unrestricted ATPL, you do not need to write the ICH, and your FAA will have the same privileges as your TC, same with night. My ATPL study guide for FAA ATPL-H has lots of
  12. Might be a good idea to hold off a week or two, and see when the revision 1 of the IPL comes into force, or at least, see proof that it has. That will allow a Canadian CPL-H holder to directly convert to an FAA CPL-H by requesting your license validation, and then writing the CCH exam. No flight training or check ride will be necessary. Also, it will allow a Canadian ATPL-H holder to directly convert to an FAA ATPL-H by requesting your license validation, and then writing the ACH exam. No flight training or check ride will be necessary AND the ACH exam does not require an ATPL ground school o
  13. Never mind, just answered my own question.IPL revision 1, chapter 1, item 1.2 effective date and termination states that "these implementation procedures enter into force ninety (90) days after the signing of this agreement, and activity will commence in accordance with chapter 5). It was signed by the FAA on Dec 3, and by TCCA Dec 10. On your mark; get set;........
  14. From your original post, Phil, can I assume the "rumor" you heard originated from the FAA/TCCA Implementation Procedures for Licensing (IPL) Revision 1? I see it was signed by the FAA director on Dec 3 and by the TCCA director Dec 10. Above that, chapter V states "the FAA and TCCA agree to begin accepting applications for and processing the issuance of conversion certificates and licenses in accordance with Implementation Procedures no later than ninety (90) days from the date of entry into force". Question: was the date of entry into force the date signed, or is it something else? And yes,
  15. Very good news indeed. Was wondering Phil if you have a suggestion on study material for the ACH airman knowledge exam Canadian ATPL-H to FAA? Would you know if the process is the same as fixed wing where we have to sit a 30 hour ground school and "fly" 10 hours in part 141 sim before even writing the exam? Thanks.
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