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  1. Just saying, eh!? Well, enlighten us which Canadian company is paying their foreign pilot $3000 less than their Canadian counterpart, please! I never heard of said practice! Maybe I'm just deaf and naive. Foreign pilots working for a Canadian company in Canada are being taxed "at source". Means they are paying tax in Canada. They are exposed to the same cost of living while in the country. Low time pilots make let's say, somewhere between $2000 - $4000 a month. According to your theory, a foreign low time pilot pays the company $1000 for the honor to work there and the luckier ones survive on $1000 a month!?! How many Canadian companies and pilots are working abroad though? Fire fighting in Australia and the United States, oil and gas exploration in Greenland, SAR in Greenland and the US, election support in Angola, seismic in Turkey, construction in Taiwan and Peru and the prime example CHC. They used to be a Canadian company working worldwide. How many Canadian pilots seeking work outside of Canada, in the Emirates, Australia, Africa, South East Asia, PNG, Europe, North and South America? Take a good look at the foreign and Canadian nationals flying for your company and ask yourself why they are there. It's not because they didn't make it through their initial training or take dance lessons. It's because they, just like their Canadian colleagues they fly with every day, are true professionals. All of them are always willing to do more than expected and posses skills that differentiates them from others. On top of that, the **** foreigners travel to work a day or two longer and leave their loved ones at home for half of their work life, they work out of less desirable places and strive to get all the licences and ratings they can get. It's called dedication and passion. It does not depend on your nationality and everybody can freely decide how much he or she wants to apply to his or her own life to succeed! Just saying ...
  2. The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge. ~Elbert Hubbard~
  3. Well, my little Robbi has two GE CT7-8 installed, producing about 2 × 2.634 shp. No match for your NH 90 of course, but hey .... what's the millennium falcon or a NH 90 worth if you don't know how the automation works or you don't understand how to home in on a NDB?
  4. Your ignorance is astonishing, I am a BC boy all the way for generations........when I worked for Abitibi a few years back, I saw some of the best longliners I have ever seen, talk about a big slice of humble pie for me....and I thought I was getting good, I just did't know how good you can get. There some absolutely excellent pilots from back east, It is so fuct that you Make this statement, I would love to see you go against one of these guys on a bag runner or a drill. As you can see ... he is not in our league anymore. Flying NH 90 now he says. Makes me wonder where? According to Wikipedia the only countries operating the NH 90 are Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Oman, Finnland and Italy. Then again he claims he is working overseas and back in Canada on his time off ... or was it Tattuin or Naboo??? Maybe he can be in many different places at the same time!? Maybe he is a longline wonder too ... who knows!? At least his disconnect from reality as we know it is mediocre entertaining!
  5. NH 90 ... hahaha ... too funny!!! You couldn't even figure out how NDB Navigation works when you did your IR course ...
  6. Stirring the pot again … are you? Not getting enough attention from your mommy anymore eh? I bet you come up with all this meaningless stuff on those long flights to foreign countries where YOU take jobs away from local pilots and make the pitiful 120K. Back home you are stealing jobs from local low-time pilots during your 6 weeks off. Yet you are presenting yourself as the savior of the Canadian Helicopter Industry to us. Does your employer know that you are flying “on the side”? How about flight and duty limitations? Maybe your logbook is worth an audit!?!? Do you have any idea how many Canadian pilots work and live abroad? Do you think you are doing them a favor by posting all this rhetorical and virulent "bullshit" here? You are doing more damage to the Canadian Helicopter Industry and fellow Canadian Pilots than your limited imagination can grasp. Your actions are solely driven by greed and by seeking attention and I have only one word for you … HYPOCRITE!!! :wacko:
  7. I heard that Helijet is insolvent. How can an insolvent company win a multi-million dollar contract from the provincial government?
  8. Have a look at Logbook Pro. You can download a trial version with 50 free entries. It keeps track of all relevant times like grand totals, last 7 days,30 days and so on, day and night currency and medical expiration and a lot more. You can also add custom times like fire-fighting or offshore time to your logbook. You can print it in multiple formats and it has a backup function. The price is reasonable I think. Just my 2 cents!
  9. TripIt - Travel Organizer FlightTrack - Works with TripIt and provides Airline Flight Information Nimbuzz - Skype, MSN, Gtalk etc in one tool WhatsApp - Free text messages for iphones AeroWeather LogbookPro FltPlan - Like a CFS for US and CN airports FlightPlan - Pilots Toolbox PilotWizPro - More than just an electronic E6B CityTime - Timezone tool DoodleJump - TimeKiller FlightControl Shazam
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