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  1. Plumber, it's because of idiots like you that I stopped coming on here over a year ago. I thought I would give it another chance but it looks like its still the same nonsense.
  2. And still no AD from Agusta on T/R slip rings, amazing.
  3. Yeh OK Actually it's still not servicable.
  4. M/R and T/R blades & windshield are anti ice.
  5. Gettin' there. Send me a PM for the low down.
  6. 300 hours +/- 20 every year for 20 years like clock work. Home every night, no more Atcos, tents, drillers, bugs (ok a few bugs, but not Baker Lk style bugs) no pressure from the customer, life is good!
  7. Not one mention yet about the nurses res, spent as much time there as the Blue Spruce, and had just as much fun!
  8. I flew two old Kenting machines, I seem to remember s/n's 11 and 14 one was KBL, I have a picture of the panel somewhere that I'll try and find and post.
  9. 82-83 RIP Blue Spruce! Weird harold was living the good life baby sitting a fancy corporate jet but alas all good things come to an end . I'm sure he is getting his hands dirty again on a 204.
  10. I've had the pleasure of flying with a lot of low time IFR , high time VFR guys over the years and not one of them ever said flying IFR was boring and I can't think of one that went back to VFR. And if SOB can do it anyone can, just kidding brother.
  11. Airwolf aka Bell 222 would not be anyone's favorite, what a pos, the UT was a bit better. I'll join the 212 crowd though the sound alone makes it my #1.
  12. gov It may have been a sweet ride but we know you still miss R and B.
  13. The arrival of GPS has taken a lot of the "adventure" out of arctic flying, however as mentioned earlier the weather and bugs can be very nasty. If I were you I would buy a good camera with a long lens you will probably be disappointed with a point a shoot. Have fun and remember be very very nice to the cook!
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