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  1. Of course your medium buddies make more. The topic starter said they are a “Licensed AME with AS350 Airframe and Engine” so I gave them what a starting wage could be in a urban or semi-urban hangar environment for a relatively new engineer. Small town? More. Camp? More. North of 60? More. Multiple machines? More. Multiple endorsements? Of course more.
  2. Hey guys, I seem to remember a few years ago someone was making aftermarket (3D printed?) compressor erosion spoons and selling them. Does anyone know of any? I also think I remember the Safran guy saying they were cheap to buy direct from Safran (for the Arriel 2 anyways) so maybe I should just be asking Safran. Thanks!
  3. Demand yes. Pay would depend on what part of Canada, what the tour rotation is, and what the working conditions would be. A couple years experience on AStars with Arriel 1 and LTS courses maybe 50-70k CAD a year if you get a heated hangar and cell service? Arriel 2 and B3 course would help with the $$$ as more H125s arrive trickle into the market.
  4. You are not wrong. Our SD2s had an AFS in it because of FDC’s intricacies. I have attached the AFS supp 0. It says no changes to procedure. Also attached is Soloys flight supp chart. If you use their example of an 820 with an OAT of 15 and then recalculate with an OAT of 11 you get just about 800 meaning you now fail your power check by -20 more. I guess this is why the authorities in the US have been clamping down on the filter companies for using manufacturer’s charts with “work arounds” instead of spending millions in flight testing and data collection to create their ow
  5. “One **** of a ride” is an interesting read. More of a “how to borrow money to keep from going bankrupt and try to take over the world at the same time” book than anything but it sorts it all out. I have it here on my bookshelf but read it many years ago now and don’t remember all the details.
  6. We use it mostly for the scheduler which I think it does well. We also use the W+B which works really well now that they have ironed out the bugs we asked them to. The people who hate it most tend to have greyish hair and have their iPhone font turned up to max size. Just sayin'. If I don't like something with it I email them and they usually have a fix for me within a day or two. Great guys to work with for sure. In our industry, with so many "my way is the only way" personalities, it would be impossible to fit software that works for everyone perfectly. I think that is why there is
  7. Ya that seems all sorts of strange. It would be interesting to know what office reviewed for the licence as my inspector laid it out for me the way others have suggested. If you do your apprenticeship on an Normal Cat Heli then you get an M1. At least that is what I thought...
  8. This you 2007? https://www.univision.com/univision-news/latin-america/flying-for-a-kingpin-the-revelations-of-el-chapo-guzmans-personal-pilot 🤣
  9. When you graduate you can work wherever, for whomever, on whatever you want. As you start filling in your logbook that is what decides what license you end up with. Example 1: You get hired out of school and go to work for Westjet. You will end up with an M2. Example 2: You leave school and go to work for Billy Bob's flight school and his impressive fleet of Cessna 150s. You fill out your logbook as you go and you end up with an M1. Example 3: You leave school and go work for a helicopter company that has both Jetrangers and S61s. You buy two logbooks, fill them both out as you go. Jetran
  10. Yup the new seals are good. Expensive, but good. The other plus on 254 is that if your turbine is prone to N2 lockup while running Jet II then the 254 will usually cure it. It did on two different C20 powered machines we recently acquired. And lastly, 254 glows bright green when you shine a ultraviolet light on it. So if you are leaking just dim the lights and buy yourself a cheap ultraviolet flashlight and follow the bright green trail.
  11. You are not completely wrong as GrayHorizons said. It wasn't a credit class but the sentiment during those first 1.5 years is that pilots are the enemy blah blah blah. I came out of school and worked in a place that had a terrible pilot/mechanic atmosphere. Zero, and I mean zero, face to face communication. But they wanted to be an airline where everyone where white shirts. I didn't last there and came to a place where pilots and engineers buy each other beer. Not because they ****** up anything but because we all just work together. In the last 10 years I have worked with one or two pilots wh
  12. I am an engineer and got a set of custom plugs made at a local hearing testing place for about $100. Totally worth it. I put them on under my peltors. The only problem I have with them is you have to lube em up as they are a tad dry sometimes. When I had them made you get to choose different noise cancelling levels (they drill tiny holes in them I think if you don't want max protection) and you can choose your colour and your restraint style (tied together on a string, little handles on each, etc etc).
  13. You figured out the whole "offset" (plus or minus)? Instead of typing in the Tx you need to do math and figure out what the Tx offset is for all repeater freqs.
  14. Yup sounds about right Helikenny. 5 more years of experience and doing 6-12 weeks away each year and and 90-100 sounds reasonable. What do you mean by the 300-400 hrs OT? As in 300-400 hrs including the whole crew? 300 for one guy would be out of control for one year.
  15. 81K seems a bit high even. Most guys with that kinda gig would be 70-75 I would bet. 70k and 10k in flight pay maybe? Sounds close I guess. Not gonna see much more than that without touring. It is a strange business that we are in though. If you do tours (and therefor work less hours usually) taking care of one or two machines you seem to get paid more than the guy who is at a base working every day of the year (my gig is almost the same as yours) and taking care of 3+ machines. "Your reward is being at home" they say. Yes... But not having any days off for most of Jun-Sep while you hear
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