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  1. Sad news on the wire this morning http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36169929
  2. URL:http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/illinois/civilian-mechanic-from-belleville-killed-in-rocket-attack-in-afghanistan/article_2f3aba21-03e2-5394-bcb9-fe9124383c5c.html
  3. Another fine collectible from this lost era...
  4. Retreating blade stall at 40 Kts ??? At 35000 feet maybe. I definitely go with the M/r T/r load share on this one. This is also why more modern aircraft measure torque from the M/r mast or transmission as opposed to engine/s output. Cheers, HN
  5. Thanks 18, I'll turn a few rocks in that area and see if I can uncover a few more details. I agree that the story as it goes sounds a little far fetched but if true, it would answer my question which is: Is a medium flyable after the loss of T/R drive? The reason I'm asking is I'm doing training using a 412 Sim and the thing wont let you pull enough power to level out at any speed before loosing control. I heard however that the 212 Sim in Fort Worth will let you but in order for it to do it, they had to program the tailboom 9 ft longer than it actually is... I've always
  6. I heard a story some time ago, and before I repeat it too many times, I thought I'd find out if anyone else knew something about it and could add clarification. It goes like this: Some guy was long-lining with a medium (204 I think but might've been a 205). As he was hovering in the hole with a load on, he experienced a loss of T/R drive. Cool cat as he was, and fearing he would injure personnel on the ground, he accepted the rotation and pulled out of the hole, moved aside before releasing the load, got the thing flying and landed on an airstrip. Is this true??? And if so, t
  7. Thanks 18speed, it's not in their catalog but I'll give them a call.
  8. Has anyone ever heard of a fire or smoke detector kit for the side compartments on the 212? If so would you know who makes it?
  9. Let's not forget intake and exaust plugs seen it all... I even saw someone almost start an Astar with only two blades on. We were trying to get the point across to a certain individual, I think it worked. I never saw him get into an aircraft without walking around since. Mistakes happen. We all make them. In the end, it's what we do to detect them prior to flight that can make a difference... My two cents.
  10. I once went for almost an entire 28 day tour in Cambridge Bay in winter without even seing the machine. But then two days before crew change I had to go flying and by that time, I had almost completly lost interest...
  11. With all due respect, I suggest you read the entire paragraph 1-11 of the 212 RFM, especially the last sentence, and I quote, “Refer to Weight-altitude-temperature limitations for takeoff, landing and in ground effect maneuvers chart (figure 1-1)”. You will then notice that the minimum temperature is -40ºC. Therefore, should you legally takeoff, at a temperature above -40ºC, and experience a decrease of temperature as you climb, you can then continue to operate down to a temperature of -54ºC. So to suggest that you can go to work with your 212 at -54ºC is not entirely true. Cheers, H.N.
  12. No I was thinking I/B Kapitan Khlebnikov.
  13. Are you referring to the K.K. by chance?
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