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  1. Thanks man! And yeah, he's an absolute riot. Super calm on the flight, then acts like a wild man (dog) when we hit the snow.
  2. Hey... Sorry I'm late to the thread, but someone just recently brought it to my attention. This is me and Bentley. I've been flying with him for about 2 years now, and we slowly built up the trust to have him un-attended in the front seat with me. First, his harness is like this. Car crash certified dog harness that is secured to the seatbelt with a heavy d-clamp. He is secondary secured with a leash around his neck around the seat bars. He is both secure from a crash, and movement in the cockpit standpoint. The progression to the front seat was slow. His first flight was in the
  3. One of my biggest takeaways was to have the ability to heat the aircraft. Not every emergency situation is going to be caused by the destruction of the aircraft. Had we had a method for heating the interior, it would have been far better than building a shelter since the winds were around 40kts. Inside the Heli, it would have been cold, but protected from the wind. Since we had fire-logs and 15 gallons of fuel for the snowblowers, we felt the snow/tarp shelter was the best approach. Had I had a candle lantern and knowing what I know now, for sure would have picked the helicopter for shelt
  4. Someone had a good suggestion the other day. I've switched out my thin emergency reflective survival blankets for the SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer), Thermal bivvys and survival blankets. But someone suggested keeping 4-8 collapsable water bottles. They weigh nothing. You'll want them for water anyways and if you buy a brand that can take warm/hot water, they would be great to put under the armpits for keeping the core warm. Those, inside an emergency bivvy would add a lot of heat. Plus, then you have water also. http://www.groceryalerts.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/clip_image006.jpg
  5. Jerry F? I don't think so. He flies a Red R44 not a Rotorway. Whoever the guy was posted a picture on his instagram of it out in the blueberries after I flew over and tagged me in it. I've tried to find the picture of if but can't remember the guys IG name.
  6. I flew right over this guy as he was sitting out in the middle of the blueberry fields at the end of runway 18. I said to my passengers how it was a weird spot for him to land because his tail was less than a foot from big bushes that would have destroyed it had it touched them. There was no firetrucks there yet, so I guess it was right after it happened.
  7. Iceman. Was it a red coloured A-star? If so, I saw the picture of the machine after they were able to get up to you guys when the weather broke. Looked cold and windy if it was the same pic!
  8. 4 years ago, I did 30+ hours of volunteer searching for a missing hiker who was friends with a lot of my friends. His body was never found, despite it being one of the largest and longest searches in BC's history. I wrote this as an observation of a pilot as to what I see, and what is going to get you found from the air. http://www.clubtread.com/sforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=36672&whichpage=19 The biggest thing I took away as an observation was the visibility of pink flagging tape from the air. After the first day of searching, I added a roll to my survival kit and always carry it with
  9. As someone who was in a situation that necessitated the unpacking of the emergency kit and trying to stay warm recently, this is a great post. But, a word of caution to people who plan to use the reflective space blankets. Yes, they are awesome and reflect a lot of heat back to you, but, they are incredibly easy to tear, and when they do, they tear their entire length. Look into some coated versions like these. http://www.surviveoutdoorslonger.com/survival-1/shelter.html
  10. For the people out there, trying to find me on Twitter. Why? Just kidding! I'm @bradleyfriesen

  11. Dear 2 am. Why do you keep sneaking up on me, and whacking me up side the head with booze? Love, Beadley

  12. There is a bunch of beer in the fridge if anyone is in Yaletown and wants to see the LC Beverages Ltd. office space...

  13. I've just realized one thing... I'm having far too many drunk business conversations this week.

  14. Pop quiz!!! Terrorists have a gun to the head of your dog!!! Mr. Winklesworth is gonna get it if you don't give them what they want!!! These dirty terrorists are trying to find a Lazy Susan! Oh, these dirty terrorists!!! You don't want to give into their demands, cuz you've always said, "I don't google search for Terrorists..." but they have Winklesworth!!! What do you tell them? Where do you find the Lazy Susan in Vancouver?!?

  15. I'm going to be onstage tonight at a Small Business BC event with the Dragons' Den producers and Jim Treliving in front of 300 people. If it starts going bad, I'm going to have the audience picture me naked and take off my pants...

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