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  1. This is such a shock, Doug and I worked together at the MNR, we stayed in touch a lot since he left but hadn't talked much in the last 2 months,great guy, very sad, I have no idea what happened !
  2. I was curious too,I flew for the Ont. Gov't for 10 yrs, thinking of going back to the private sector after a 3 yr hiatus , Any idea of the demand for an 8000hr BH206,HU500,AS350,EC130 contract pilot ? Kinda out of the loop lately. Thanks
  3. anyone thats been in the industry for a while knows who "JB" is , Not a guy who I'd ever work for !!!!!!
  4. They must have been thinking of the EC130B4 AKA "The Fat Star" when the thought up the new handle !!
  5. Trust me, things aren't all that rosy in the Ont. Gov't sector either !!
  6. I'd rather flip burgers than work for jb,most people in the helicopter industry know about this operator, and it's NOT good !!!
  7. I'm not going to dignify that with a responce !!
  8. Thanks Three_Per, we are the largest and oldest operater of EC130's in Canada. I can assure all I know about the 130
  9. I have about 300 hrs driving the 'Fat Star" and wouldn't bother skiing with it, they have way too many issues in the cold,the shoulder belt inertia reels need to be pre-heated, windshields crack, doors are Crap,gear is too low(you will break the mirror in crusty snow),Fenestron is way too sluggish,handles like a f*#$ing bus, only good thing is the spacious cabin. I'm told "Eurocrapter" can't even give the F#%$ing things away and anyone who has one is trying to get rid of it. We have a bunch of them and would love to trade them for B3's
  10. Have confirmed 2 low time grads from Essential Heli. ferrying a 206B to Kapuskasing,On.from North Bay to do rides at the lumberjack festival, hit a tower in poor vis. (as reprted by OPP at the time) just west of Elk Lk. On.... Very tragic,my condolonces to all involved.
  11. Actually we'll just use the B4 to ferry the pilots out to our NEW FIREHAWKS!!!
  12. Re: the OMNR's EC-130 B4, It's NOT a rumor, we'll have it by June 1st The Engineers are already packing for the course
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