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  1. Can anyone help me out with this, need both flight manuals ... Cheers
  2. This is from a UK CAA point of view, since they're the only JAR authority that is a little bit international spread out as far as i know. By the way JAA gets replaced by EASA April 2012 and nobody really seems to know what's then. It should stay more or less the same from what i know. You have to do all the theory exams and a JAA CPL-H check ride. I did the ATP, which was 13 exams and I think CPL was around 8-9 exams. There are only a few exam venues outside the UK and the only ones in North America are in Florida and California. The only school for flying outside the UK is Bristow Academ
  3. I was told to always move against the current, so you don't snag something while drifting down river? Made sense to me and I'm curious about other opinions out there on that .....
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