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  1. Could there not be some kind of a loophole with the differences of 702 work & 703 taxi vs. 704 commuter?
  2. I had the great privilege of starting my career with Blake as my engineer and as Corey had mentioned his tough love way of life. I can not express how much I appreciate this type of up bringing. To this day my After Last Flight is looked at as "what could Blake beer fine me for?" Battery still plugged in that was always a good one, dirty trays thats beerable, and don't even talk about not having your log book, for sure thats a flat! Thats the way it was, stay on your toes or its a trip to the beer store...... and trust me I made a lot of trips to the beer store! I think its funny how Blakes beer fine policy made him such a meticulous engineer. He knew that the cross hairs where always on him everyone always wanted to get Blake, I (and many others) so desperately made it our goal to get Blake in a beer fine..... something.... anything! But no he always checked, then double checked everything he did, it was like he was untouchable....... or unbeerable. I have many fond memories with Blake, he really was more than just your base engineer or friend he was "big daddy Blake" he was our father figger for us so young in the industry, he looked after all of us. Pilot or AME we were all Blakes apprentice. You will be missed, but never forgotten Zack.
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