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  1. Is this for a commercial, TV show or feature? Usually the production company handles the DP, camera etc.On the west coast call John @ Vancalcine or Brad @ freeride. East coast it would be Chris Chanda, Mike Darby and Mark Hryma..They all have proper gimbals and mounts with STC's.
  2. I hope you have lots o' money!! To buy a good system like Shotover, cineflex etc is about 700k +.. Another option might be a Movi, which aren't too bad out of a heli depending on the shot.
  3. I know everyone is saying wire strike, and judging from the amount of cables around that is very possible. Could ground resonance be a possibility? Watch his left skid tube just before it gets exciting. It looks like he puts it on a pole.....
  4. I'm going to jump in here before this really goes sideways. There are some good points being brought up for discussion, however some of the info being touted as a "fact" are not true facts at all. I was the one flying for this rescue and am willing to set a few things straight as well as discuss other options, practices etc. as long as it is kept in a productive manner. The first incorrect "fact" stated was that the dog was on a trail and that since people were able to hike in to the dog, they should be able to hike him out. The video clip was edited in a way that it looked like people w
  5. Come on Dashy no need for name calling. I wasn't saying that you agree with the quote. I'm not even saying that twins are any safer than singles, however in the event that I was to have an engine failure I would rather have another good engine running next to it.
  6. People who use that saying either haven't flown twin helicopters or have flown them with no thought as to flying at a weight and altitude that allows them to fly away. Sure, at gross weight in a hover your going to descend , however it is a whole lot less work and a lot softer at the end.
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