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  1. Good stuff to hear! Your instructor(s) is actually doing real world training with you. Congrats and enjoy! cheers, Matt
  2. And a little bias here but the 206 is a pleasure to operate, both the "B" and "L" models. Matt
  3. Hi Bif, Not sure if you have started your Instrument training....but thought I would pass along some comments for you and other aspiring instrument students. One suggestion (opinion) I would pass along is to do your homework and "interview" your flight school and flight instructor candidates on their take on IFR training. Speaking only on experience from our PTS in the US, or as I often refer to the "Not so Practical Test Standards". I feel the FAA PTS has some flaws so I would strongly encourage you to see what your potential flight school will offer in the way of "practical Instrument
  4. Nice work here guys! I'm looking forward to contributing and reading the posts. Lots to be learned here from many great people! Most of my greatest teachers have been my students :-) I do some writing for VM(911) and look forward to your feedback on my pieces. All the best and fly safe! Cheers! Matt Johnson
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