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  1. Hi Bud!! Thanks for trying.. I successfully received the B3 model by hotmail and also sent it to "Spraxxx"(a member here)via the same server.. Hotmail doesn't take to much to overload, the L model might be a little bigger than the B,maybe that's why it actually did worked. I'm actually trying something on PPrune..another solution would be to go by Gmail which can take very big loads of downloads to send. Cheers.
  2. Thanks cobra for spending the time to explain it right !! Good and very constructive response...
  3. Geez!!! I didn't read the other thread before posting that !! Seriously, could this be true or not ?? The complainant seems really unhappy about his experience there Really, with good intentions, looking forward an update about em. Just hope i was not opening a can of worm's !! Thanks for the troll Shaun...was not my intention atall.
  4. Hey Guy's... I was wondering about a CIE called Icefield Helicopter tour.. has i herd i'ts a place where newbie pilot can work there doing tours making your hours building up pretty easy.. Can anybody point me to the right direction about them ?? Don't know pretty much about the organisation and i'm kinda thinking about it.. Go or no go ?? Thanks! Oh, and is 1100.00$/hrs for your mountain course and 5h ppc's worth the money ?? Thanks again !
  5. 2lips


    +1 for you both !! I've seen too many of that in my flight school..Boy ...was that frustrating !!
  6. 2lips


    Wow !! Nice place i would say !!! If only i had this kind of support from where i got my licence. They took my money and barely throw me out after..Understandable when they bring to the table the experience/insurances problem, geez, if only i was aware of MVH before that !! Don't ask me where i got my license from.....I'm a shame ! Have a nice day guy's !!
  7. 2lips


    V'been reading this thread a little and then started started a search about MVH. The only thing a found is Miami valley hospital Heli services.. Does MVH operate a school here in CAN and whats this CIE where abouts? Excuse my ignorance..
  8. Public thanks to Busbar,Bug and Koala for helping me out... PM sent.
  9. Hi everyone..I'm looking for a 206B and L PDF FM.. T'would be greatly appreciated has i'm getting qual's on it shortly. Thx in advance.
  10. 2lips


    Thanks you sir...it's appreciated..
  11. Now this is your turn MMike....you got to tell us why your sox and Underwear(Bobette) are Brown.lol couldn't resist !!
  12. 2lips


    Hi, i'm looking for as350sd2 operational cost chart, ariel B2 would also do, i've been tryng on Ec web site...nothin. Thanks
  13. Your right..but the question is: "Legaly, Is the bridge count as a reachable shore for an autorot when crossing?" or , can we cross over the bridge, single eng, no pop out? Hope i don't get to anoying here...i'll digg the car's more ! P.S ; Nixon... still kickin? Lets get it on !! overall, you know what i know right ??
  14. **** right i would use it !! Thx for diggin..catch ya on the other site.
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