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  1. In 1973 in l'hotel Matagami, downstairs in the peeler bar, he said to me in English "business is business, love is bullshit". That's probably the only conversation I ever had with him. I worked indirectly for "the Lach" for 2 years.
  2. Their suits on display at HAC were all stylish looking in keeping with their moniker "Aerostyle". However they had breathable stretchy material for the knees and elbows. I was not impressed with the use of spandex type material in a fire resistant suit. AND they were all $500 and up. The eBay suits I recommended above are mostly brand new surplus. There are several colours as long as you like tan, green or blue. Under a hundred bucks US is cheap for a high quality suit.
  3. An outfit called Stephan/H Aerostyle exhibited at HAC last year. Telephone office (418) 687-4001 or Ariane Sales Rep at (418) 932-3590 They are from Quebec City, PQ and custom make flight suits.they have a domain name of stephanh.com so may have a web site. There is also an extremely active selling of surplus Nomex USAF military flight suits on eBay. Some have been sold for as little as $28 USD and others go for over a hundred. That is way cheaper than you might have custom made. We have bought a large number for our crew and they have all been new or like new.
  4. Would you care to substantiate your sky is falling doom and gloom posting with some background or some information about what company you are talking about or what has driven you to come up with comments sounding like they are from the Dark Cloud Crowd.The company were I work has no such plans so that's all I and most readers have to go on. We need facts if we are supposed to run out looking for a cliff to jump off.
  5. VIH still has that camera ball and would sell it. Just call.
  6. LinkedIn automatically invites you to join with others based upon your email contacts and those email contacts of your 'friends'. It probably has nothing to do with Fred, or anyone else for that matter. LinkedIn is a bit of a pariah that way.
  7. Some companies do a minimal amount of flight training for legal recurrency according to CARS and others do a week or more of classroom and serious flight training as required to meet their own rigourous company standards. Depending on the aircraft type, the direct operating cost and cost of fuel can make the instructor cost insignificant. The flight crew being trained, staying in a hotel with per diems, usually eats up lots of cash for the longer courses. The $1000 per day 'rent-a-Rocky' usually needs accomodation and travel expenses looked after as well.(sorry Rocky, I couldn't resist ) In the case where the company's own instructor and ACP does the training, the cost of maintaining the ACP currency and their own recurrency training and monitored rides is often quite high with aircraft time and contracted check pilot courses, etc. Its not as simple as "It costs the company a grand a day for an instructor." in other words its quite complex to come up with a simple response.
  8. At our company, we have had 6 violations with different pilots flying through Alberta due to non recognition of correct MF or crossing the edge of a restricted zone. Two of the incorrect MF frequency fines were due to using an expired CFS (one edition) and missing the new frequency. The restricted zone is right along the highway going into Medicine hat. Fines have been $750 and $1000. CFS are issued to all aircraft. They just don't always get there on time. Pilots are expected have current charts and use them. We are all repaid for charts on expense accounts. If we get a TC enforcement fine it is then our responsibility to pay it. When out in the bush, I may be able to manage on a GPS most of the time but we all come back to an airport sometime. And guess what batteries die and so do GPS. The trick is for me not to as well.
  9. I believe it depends on who has "care and control" via lease. See Over-Talk's post with CARs reference. There are N tailfeathered aircraft operated in Canada on Canadian Operating Certificates and must be flown with Canadian pilots. Aircraft are leased by the Canadian Company. There are N tailfeathered aircraft operated in Canada on US OC under NAFTA. Pilots must be US licenced. There are also C registered aircraft leased into the states operated by US operator under a US OC and must by flown by a US certificated pilot. Aircraft are leased by the American Company. There are also C registered aircraft flown in the US under NAFTA and must be flown by Canadian pilots. After that is all said, the pilots operating in the 'other' country (either Can or the USA) must have immigration authority to work there, which is a whole nuther story!
  10. When watching the video, there is a lot more to see than just the drama of wires flying. There are people and trucks at 12 o'clock, tall trees at ll oclock, houses and powerlines to the 3 oclock. There are folks behind us (taking the video). There is a S76 model that is not known for having a huge power reserve, so hovering over a ditch is not something that is a 'good' choice in most situations. In a machine with a lower power reserve, the focus may come into the cockpit managing the power rather than outside, where in this case it should have been. The patient may have had some influence on decision making whether the pilot was conscious or not. In training and PPC's, a majority of pilots have a habit of rotating the aircraft centered around themselves when doing a turn rather than the tail. Turning around the tail takes more focus to do accurately and when loaded up with all the other stuff it, perhaps, goes out the window. Pilots with lots of time in confined areas usually adopt a skill of rotating about the tail as a course of action. Folks with a two pilot IFR or military background are often more process focussed because of training and the checksheet is a vital part of the process (The risk is when it is a at the expense of other things). VFR bush folks are more worried about the trees and give less credence to the checklist. This all may be true or maybe someone was just not alert enough or was 'complacent'. How much we like someone or their past history has no bearing on decision making. As pilots our last flight is the one that counts and the one that we are remembered for. We all know pilots who died as a 'great guy' from making mistakes that were avoidable. It should not happen but it does. We have all made mistakes and regret them. This incident could have been their last flight and as such we should all try to learn from their unfortunate lapse in memory. I have and most pilots have been in situations close to this and were lucky not to be caught on video. We were also then not subject to the criticism of our peers and those with too little knowledge to speak objectively. I am glad it wasn't me, and I would be humiliated by all of the arm chair analysis from everyone else. (including ME) The video is a great teaching tool for both PDM and CRM and I hope I can learn from it.
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