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  1. If you’re ever in the US, check out the military surplus stores. You can usually get a surplus flight suit in nearly new condition for under $100 Canadian pessos.
  2. Can't speak for the 252 as I recently purchased the 052. It took a week to get accustomed to and now I absolutely love it. The only thing I'm still a little hesitant on is the way the cord comes off the back.
  3. http://m.webcams.travel/webcam/1349193322-Weather-Fort-McMurray-Airport-Canada,-Alberta%3A-Fort-McMurray-Airport-Southeast-View-Fort-McMurray?hl=en
  4. Daz, there are a tone of different ways things could turn out all depending on who you meet, the way the industry turns, what company you're flying for now and who knows your company could acquire another or visa versa and the game all changes. Some things fall into place and others you need to chase in order to make them happen. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt because for every story of this guy needing this to get there, there's another story of the guy who got there without having what the other guy needed. Does that even make sense? Here's the deal. Figure out what it is you want to do. What sector of the industry do you want to work in. What types of experiences you'd like to have along the way. What companies provide those opportunities. Where you ultimately want to live. Once you get that part figured out, go to the operators that fit the bill and ask the pertinent questions. Stay in touch and put yourself on their radar. Toss in a periodic resume even if you don't qualify at this second. Keep your name fresh on their brain. You may be 1500 hrs and a couple of endorsements away from working for them, but when the time comes they'll think...oh yeah that guy has wanted to live here and work for us for the past 3 years, lets give him a call.
  5. Thanks for the info guys!
  6. Anyone know of anywhere in western Canada to get CEP's? If not in the west, in Canada at all? Thx
  7. Did you use the fight manual supplement from Eagle or Heli-Conversions?
  8. Hey pilot5, All has improved dramatically around here and the flying during the flood was welcome as the majority of it was for the best for everyone and the ceiling wouldn't allow for much more. The problems arose once the skies parted and certain parties found it necessary to have a look at and show the damage to others. The volume of low level flights once the flooding stopped, irritated some of the people who were dealing with the realities of possibly loosing their homes along with their friends and neighbors. At that point they were dealing with strangers trespassing through their yards, increased traffic through their streets and then the air traffic on top of it all. Understandably, some of them reached their breaking point under the circumstances. Coincidentally, since my original post the low level overflights have stopped. The affected residents are thankful to those who have chosen to give them the respect they deserve. I don't take any responsibility for having those activities change. If in fact my post made someone think twice or potentially learn something from the situation all the better. Thanks to all that helped during the flood and thanks to all who have been flying around the community respectfully since then.
  9. Deep Throat the third...Yes, serious and even more so are my neighbors. Elvis...if you refresh yourself with CARs, you'll see that there are provisions for both STARS and the RCMP which basically makes them exempt and there are also provisions for any other operator depending on the purpose of the flight and/or permits held. Simpleton....your name and accompanying photo says it all! Helilog56...I would agree with you on the soggy Corn Flakes. The problem is that they also have soggy rugs, soggy couches, soggy drywall, soggy insulation, soggy panties and the list goes on. Unfortunately, the next step for some of them is the wrecking ball. Pretty sure they'd just like to be afforded some respect. Farmer...thanks! I assume you've made it home. First time you've had to show ID to get back home eh? I'd say you're lucky they let you back in. ;-) Rotor...you know the routine. Hope all is well at your home too! Flingwinger...I can sympathize with your case. The only way to really know 100% if you are in fact 1000 ft is to have a radar altimeter. That being said, there's a big difference in 300 ft and 1000 ft. Essentially, some of this comes as a result of emotions due to losses that people have encored. BUT, it also comes as a result of "some" not being respectful of those who have encored those losses.
  10. To those of you who continue to overfly Canmore, some of you should look at CARs and refresh yourselves on minimum altitudes over built up areas. I've had several neighbors who have lived with Alpine Helicopters in the valley for several years and are now recognizing the professionalism that they exude in flying around the community. These neighbors have asked about the laws with respect to low level flight over built up areas. Before spouting off, I did my research to refresh and have provided some with links to the pertinent sections of CARs so they can read for themselves. Some are quite annoyed with the amount of low flying traffic in the area and have indicated that they will be taking photographs of aircraft who insist on regular flights at lower than 1000 ft AGL and will forward them to Transport Canada for further investigation. So, for those of you conducting flights that are actually a necessity, welcome and thanks for all of your hard work. For those of you who find it necessary to have a look for yourself or profit from the losses of others, consider yourself warned.
  11. Just purchased some with Mitch Reynolds. He has multiple companies to draw from and has options depending on your situation. Honest and upfront guy. Goes through an insurance needs matrix to give you an idea of how much you should buy depending on your situation.
  12. Any low timer interested in the truth should really stop reading this thread. If you want the true grit stop in at the Canmore base and/or PM Dusty Roads, Hoss or helifarmer. They've all been down that road and all have very successful careers. Any 100 hr pilot to find a job having potential to fly where they pay you, don't bulls**t you and don't abuse you should consider themselves very fortunate. This is one of the places which has held fortune for many. Good Luck
  13. I love the wake up every three hours to check the machine if colder than minus thirty. Gotta say I was the opposite. At minus thirty there wasn't a hope in **** of me getting out of bed to check the machine. On top of that, I wouldn't put my parka on to go to the pisser either. Id take care of that with a large bottle with a secure lid. ;-) I agree...go do it. Check it out for yourself. Who knows maybe you'll learn something and make some money in the process.
  14. Maybe the concern should be with respect to how often power checks even get done. I know everyone here is a professional pilot, or will profess to be, but I watch the books quite closely. Take a look at your journey log book and see who in your company actually does a regular power check. I recently crewed a machine that didn't have a power check entered in 9 months. In that 9 months there was two engine changes (rental and everhauled) and a fuel control change. No power check entered. Maybe none completed. Who knows??? I question my crew changes about why they didn't do a power check during their entire tour. The answer I really love hearing is, "umm, well like, umm actually umm.... well....yeah....umm............I did". Oh yeah, so where is it? Why isn't it entered in the journey log? What good is it if it's not doccumented? Truth is you didn't do one dumb a**!!!
  15. Shakey I aspire to be c**k of the walk like you. I have 5000 hrs and 3500 of that vertical ref. How do I go about becoming such a Richard? Thanks in advance!
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