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  1. Condelences and heartfelt sorrow to the family and friends and to the employees at Bailey as they cope with this enormous loss. RIP to all.
  2. look after them and they will last a long time. Its sad I have seen some with 5000hrs trashed.
  3. I notice the dark glasses in the profile pic....
  4. I too thought that. In hindsight and ignoring the poorly worded original post I too offer my apologies and my condolences as well. RIP.
  5. pffft no takers on a group hug :-P I'm secretly hugging you all anyways. Some of you I'm hugging with no pants on.
  6. I know what it means, I just choose to ignore it as it's an assinine request to expect it. If this troubles you, go to the pictures forum and for every photo posted there is a dozen or so comments on it. I wanna see pictures in a pictures forum, not jibber jabber about "I remember when.." So I should follow your lead and neg rep every written post in the pictures forum. That''ll teach them. Also troubling is the fact Google, Bing, Canada 411 and the forum search function etc are all at someones finger tips, yet they choose to come here ??? Try every search engine out there first
  7. No question there. controversial topics create more website hits. what advertiser in their right mind will spend advertising money on a site that loses web traffic? You're welcome advertisers.
  8. i just want a group hug, thats all... who's in?
  9. did you google him? I did he's an MMA fighter now. I guess instead of kissing a$$ in aviation, he decided to kick *** in the world LOL Or not, as there are a number of them out there, including one in kelowna.
  10. awww...can't we all just get along???
  11. I have credibility, and again, it's value varies from one to another, and i will not jeapordize my credibility as an employee in this industry by revealling my name some some dickwad on a power trip can use his network of other dickwad friends to derail my livelihood. I will retain that power on myself.
  12. so did you just stereotype him into being an unkempt slob? or did you actually take the time to know him and his situation and ask him about it? Maybe he had car trouble that night and made it in really late, possibly just before the interview. Maybe something else messed up his plans. He may have done his best to at least make it to the interview under terrible circumstances. The resume clearly had the skills you wanted as you gave him an interview, but you failed to be a good potential boss. You didn't care. You just labelled him and tossed him aside.
  13. So Hybrid, who determins the line drawn in the sand? who determines whats a contribution and whats not? The rules are already posted, and they are painted with a wide brush for a reason. A forum is not a forum unless you allow flexibility in what people can say. To do any more is censorship and you'll find censorship will ruin the site alot more than a wide mix of opinions. Being a part of the industry myself, I feel every thing I say is a contribution, good or bad (depending on the eyes reading it) I think over half your rebuttals to my comments were worthless, so begone Hybrid. Come
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