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  1. Anyone still around from the Bullock Wings & Rotors or the early days of Alouette II operations use at James Bay? I remember Gaspar and Ian Powick were Aerospatiale sales reps in the 1970s and early 1980s. Ian has passed away. Anyone know where Gaspar might be ... or Dave Dunstad?
  2. I'm writing a history presentation for the upcoming Vertical Flight Society (www.vtol.org) Forum 78 in May 2022 on the early history of Aerospatiale (Sud Aviation) and MBB Helicopters in North America and would like to interview helicopter industry pioneers who can help with my research. If you have first hand knowledge as a OEM employee, salesman, pilot, aircraft maintenance engineer, MRO, instructor, regulator, operator, owner, customer etc., please contact me at kennethswartz "at" me.com Here is an overview of the story I'm trying to research over the next two months. Sud Av
  3. Hagerstown, Maryland, not NJ
  4. Okanagan operated nine or ten FH1100s. Bought one, then placed a fleet order for use out of their BC bases. Company pilots went back to Hagerstown, NJ to pick up the aircraft and ferry them to the Helicopter Association of America (HAA) convention in Las Vegas in early 1968, then north to Vancouver after the helicopter show. There were a few adventures flying north through Oregon in a snow storm. When the helicopters arrived in BC in early February 1968, they made a formation fly over of Okanagan President Glen McPherson's home on Marine Drive in West Vancouver (near Caulfield) before tu
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