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  1. O/T, That is by far the worst post you have ever put up here, I really expected more out of somebody like you. Only serves to prove my point, and I suppose not overly surprising when I think about it. AR
  2. With all due respect, you're missing the point entirely. Nobody is begrudging companies making money - it's how they do it that is the problem, particularly when it's at the expense of their own employees. Reference my earlier post. The good outfits out there only serve to highlight how poorly most are run in terms of HR, pay, communication (or lack thereof), and respect. As to the highlighted portion of your post, you couldn't have more backward if you tried. It's precisely this attitude that has brought the industry to what it is for both pilots and engineers. An employment contract
  3. The reality of the situation in aviation is that most of the companies out there are run by people with limited, if any, education in or understanding of, the management of people and resources. Unfortunately there are a precious few who operate with the best of intentions, the rest, well, fly by the seat of their pants (pardon the pun) and leave pilots, engineers, and customers to be treated very poorly. We can all name the companies easily enough. For all you young pilots - and some of you old "company men" - out there, understand one thing about this industry: There is no loyalty amongs
  4. Oh goody, the great northern train wreck rolls on.
  5. Seismic is the biggest shitshow in the industry, don't kid yourself. First they bend the Ops Mgr over. Then the CP. Then the DOM. Then, well, for the pilots and mechanics #### really does flow downhill. Watch out below! AR
  6. I'm honestly starting to believe this forum has to be a collection of some of the most ignorant people in the country, and I mean in the literal sense of the word. "First world problems," indeed, well put. Fortunately I know a lot of very intelligent people in this industry, who do think critically, and understand the systems in which they work and live and the various constraints put on them. Because to flip through this site over the years a person could be easily lead to believe there are no such beasts to be found. It is no wonder there are countless shitstorms masquerading as hel
  7. sirlandsalot, I posted a public document, which contains a lot of valuable information for the people in this industry, why would I be culpable in anything? I'm not sure you understand how this process works? If said individuals did not want their employment records made public, then I may suggest they have refrained from signing the offer of employment from a Government agency in the first place? It has NOTHING to do with where I work or how I would feel, as I work for a private company and stipulate privacy in both directions in my contract. They sign a very different document.
  8. Some of you make me laugh. This is a public document, open to public viewing. In case I missed something, THIS is the public. I think it's very relevant on a number levels given the ceaseless moaning and complaining that goes on here. It is also an extremely valuable reminder that should you want to work for the gov't in any respect, you are now in the Public Domain. Something worth considering before one pulls the trigger. I for one, am flabbergasted reading that report, as I'm sure most of you are as well. By all means, pull the thread so we can get back to trashing the usua
  9. http://pslrb-crtfp.gc.ca/decisions/fulltext/2011-108_e.asp AR
  10. I do not "profess," I am relaying concrete observations. Also, the statement you're referring to was an online attempt at sarcasm... guess it did't quite fly? Other than this, I think the rest of your post holds a lot of valuable discussion material, thanks for contributing. The only part of it I will talk about is this: ' "In fairness," indeed. However to borrow a tired cliche, but an apt one, "Life is not fair." Nor is this industry. It is about money, and while this may be a morally disagreeable viewpoint, and one that cannot be fully placed on the shoulders of owners, it is the re
  11. Well, First off, it's nice to be back home on the patio after a safe summer! Beer is cold...! Other than the tragic accident with Campbell this May, I think it has been an unusually safe summer on the fire front, despite many of the agencies best efforts to the contrary, and a great deal of pilots these days who seem utterly incapable of standing up for themselves, their employer, or the safety of those in their care. Before I launch into my assessment of the general failings of the Fire agencies we work for (another post to follow up on the ASRD one earlier this year), I feel it
  12. I really have no idea what you are going on about. Another topic wasted. Until next time. AR
  13. I have no idea what you are talking about, I simply have put forward that given your position as a moderator, this topic could and should be cleaned up and made somewhat useful again. Take it for what it's worth. At this point the entire point of the original topic is gone, and even a decent tangent or two has been wasted. Site has been like this for far too long. AR
  14. With all due respect, why don't you do some moderation instead of just closing the thread. There are a fair number of posts here that can be disposed of or edited without just closing the thread. AR
  15. This is exactly the attitude I was referring to in the OP. 30yrs you say? Of what, exactly, I'm curious? Because if you had any idea what you are talking about the above quote would never have come off your keyboard. You seem to be overstating your experience somewhat, as I know a great many of the now retired BCFS personnel who actually had 30yrs in and developed a pretty good understanding of what works and what doesn't, where the lines are between running a fire and running a helicopter. I'm afraid your posts smack of a lack of experience and/or over-confidence in your knowledge o
  16. Well, Just back to the land of internet, and I see this has gone sideways as usual. What a waste, almost had a constructive topic going there until "spelt" became the issue du jour. For all the young pilots reading this board, take a look at this tread to see why change will never happen in this industry, it's a wonderful little microcosm of our industry. Enjoy summer everyone, be safe. AR
  17. It's not "the other side of the story" Twinny, it's what happened on fire 056, where the accident took place. Ask any of the people working 057 as two of my co-workers were, which is just up the road, and there was not a mention of it. Nor was there a mention on my fire which was also close enough to be "in the area." In fact, neither on my fire nor on 057 were there safety meetings held before or after the accident, although I understand the pilots on 57 managed to get one going for a period of time, not the case on my fire. The sad truth is ASRD has no over-riding policy for these type
  18. As usual, I find it rather interesting popping in here to see what pilots get worked up about. I am of course referring to the falsifying of logbooks thread. Not to say things shouldn't be done about this, but in all seriousness how big a problem is this in actual fact? I would submit it is a very minute issue in the grand scheme of things. Conversely, there are some pretty major issues each and every pilot working for ASRD should have, and those are with ASRD itself, their terrible organization, almost complete lack of standards when it comes to operational flying in the fire environm
  19. Is it really a surprise the "Big" companies are having problems attracting good people who happen to be able to move drills in any geographical area? Not really... no, given the track records of these outfits. As numerous others have said, pay and conditions are a factor, but so are aircraft mtnc, client relations, and general company culture. There is simply a great deal to chose from once a person has established credentials, and these companies don't make the cut. Nothing new, been that way for 25yrs with the larger operators. AR
  20. The real question is: What rate are they charging for it? AR
  21. Thanks for the facts Kelsey, and well done as usual. This thread is yet another example of the processed dog food that makes up this forum, and a large part of our industry here in Canada, spouting off without a clue. An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it. Folks might be well advised to remember that. Some people need a hobby, pet, woman, or an alcohol habit - anything to get a bit of perspective. Brutal as usual, carry on Vertical Forum! :down: AR Go Habs
  22. Thanks CM, you managed to show your true colours, although I'm not 100% sure what tint is best applied to a fool, but given your position you really should try to represent a little better. Don't you think? What an absolutely boring place this has become, if this is the level of so-called discussion that can exist. It really is sad you know. For the record, I fully agree with you - you have indeed thought "nothing." Bravo... Have a nice weekend, I for one am going somewhere warm. AR
  23. I swear, this is like dealing with school kids sometimes. This. Is. A. Topic. Discussing. HAC. How difficult can that be to grasp? By your logic, I should go back through all your previous posts on any subject and ask you to tell me what you personally have done to contribute to that given issue... not to mention throw it right back at you to tell me what YOU have done to contribute to these issues. So I guess you refrain from commenting on the economy? Politics? Religion? Pro sports? Or any other topic you may or may not have direct involvement in for that matter? Makes a tonne of sen
  24. CM, you make me laugh... So tell me, what has HAC done to improve the industry for all concerned - not just owners? How have they united operators to achieve a higher standard of flying/training/accountability in all aspects of the industry? How have they stood up to the ridiculousness brought about in recent years by insurance companies and so-called consultants? How have they conducted themselves professionally as board over the years (And no, that is not a blanket statement of all members, but a few glaring "characters")? How have they dealt with operator v operator issues when they hav
  25. God, will this forum/industry ever change...? I think not. I'm not exactly sure why everyone feels so inclined to get into the Johnson measuring contests on here at the drop of a hat, but the topic is HAC, not me, and even it if were me, I have zero inclination to start boasting on here to people like you. You may feel some need to tell others what you do, I don't operate that way. To each his or her own. Yes, HAC is a wonderful and progressive organization - I stand corrected... Yet again we have a useless discussion on Vertical. AR
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