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  1. Uh huh. And what exactly about a couple of posts on an internet forum would lead you to believe I haven't already "stepped up" in a number of ways? Oh right, reactionary posting after leaping to conclusions. I'll give you a pass on that one. Cheers, AR
  2. No worries. Me too, but unfortunately I've been around way too long for much optimism anymore. It's seems to be a race to the bottom on so many levels, the HAC is just one shining example among many unfortunately. Such is life. Have a good day, AR
  3. Spoken by someone who obviously seems to have a rather vested interest. Two quick seconds to consider my post and one should realize that I am not referring to price fixing... but if that's what you'd like to run with, please feel free. As for the Free Trade agreement that governs the BC/AB/Sask fire rules, yes I also have a decent understanding of it too... just so you know. Yes, HAC has been a wonderful organization over the years at promoting a higher standard in the industry AMONGST its members (there are some real class acts out there) and when operator v operator disputes do occu
  4. Yawn. A bunch of owners getting together so they can tell one another how well they run their respective outfits, only to return home and continue with the status quo. The forestry "Best Practices" is a wonderful case in point, yup, seeing so much higher degrees of professionalism out there each summer, and boy, have they really managed to get rates up to acceptable level, and the conditions crews work in have really taken a wild upturn. :down: How they stood up to BC, AB, and Sask on fire hiring is also commendable, who needed expenses for crews anyway??? There are some really stel
  5. Unnecessary maneuvering in a confined area, good lesson on video. How many times have we seen that same scenario over the years? Glad it ended well. AR
  6. This industry has one of the least capable management structures of any industry I've seen - if there's a worse one out there I'd hate to see it. In all my years at this, I have never overcome the shock of seeing how terribly unprepared or trained most CP's and Ops Mgrs are in human resources. Correct who we put in these chairs, correct the problem. However it is much easier said than done with ownership what it is in many circumstances, but not all. I just can't get over the lack of mutual respect in our industry, on all levels. AR
  7. Not like this Gary. Afghanistan and Iraq represent all new levels of out-sourcing for the Militaries of many nations, lead of course by the Americans. As mentioned, civi ops in war zones are a bad mix. AR
  8. John, Don, Exactly. I had a response to this prepared, but honestly you've hit all the main points of it between your two posts. This is a serious issue. AR
  9. Good grief. I'm happy slinging that antenna into place, but you'd have to shoot my whole family before I'd think about climbing like he did. AR
  10. As I said earlier, SMS as it exists is a merely a passing of the liability buck, and most companies (customer or operator) talk a great SMS talk, then do almost the opposite in the field when push comes to shove and money becomes involved. Nothing has changed in terms of concrete safety gains, and without proper, binding, oversight, nothing will. It's hypocrisy at its finest, and serves little purpose other than to provide an effective snow-job to the traveling public or a paper trail to hide behind for concerned parties. Or at least until it gets down to the pilot or AME level, then watch
  11. Agreed. Not a chance it was LTE. Lost of reference perhaps, but not LTE, not in the Blackhawk. AR
  12. Ahhhhhh.... "Flying with Americans" stories, it warms the heart and brings back fond memories. ;-) AR
  13. That exact scenario played out in about '98 as the CARS operator and I drank coffee.... I was stunned, but there you have it. Another time a twin Beechcraft landed in Dawson City from Anchorage, the pilot jumped out and the CARS operator welcomed him to "Dawson City," he stopped in his tracks. "DAWSON CITY?????" he screeched, "this ain't Dawson Crick???" He'd entered the wrong "Dawson" in the Gps, also in the '90s. Just a little wide and ride folks.... Ball One. AR
  14. Couldn't agree more SP. I'm pretty certain this is what it looked like in Rome circa 400AD.... just with flying machines. We are going down a very flawed path, wonder if anyone will actually notice? AR
  15. My best to everyone and the families of course. AR
  16. If anybody knows the pilot please PM me as soon as possible. Thanks AR
  17. SMS is cheap widow dressing, which, without effective oversight by the regulator is essentially useless. The Regulators are facing budget cuts resulting in less oversight, they are also increasingly aware of the cost of regulation - and by cost I mean the legal cost of imposing CARS in practical terms. There are numerous land-mines waiting in the form of law suits which the Regulator has zero interest in exposing itself to. SMS is little more than a passing of the liability buck as far down the line as possible. I'm not sure how anyone looking at the bigger picture can honestly feel this
  18. Thanks Don, I know HEPAC tried to get movement on many of these issues, but for a variety of reasons failed to do that. I don't personally think that HEPAC was going to have success, but NOT because of what its stated goals were, but because of the attitude and social make-up of the industry/country these days. It was always going to be an un-winnable and uphill battle. Worker representation has become a dirty concept thanks to the many, many union debacles we continue to witness year in and year out and the opposing easy propaganda that accompanies them, not to mention seven or eigh
  19. Imho professionalism in aviation has been reduced to an oxymoron. With a few notable exceptions, owners/operators are a new breed these days, cutthroat to the core, almost exclusively money driven (for good reason, as there is no money to be made anymore, customers write the rules, dictate terms/rates), and unfortunately a good many OC's given out since de-regulation have landed in the laps of scoundrels, liars, and thieves. We see it played out time and again. Harsh? Not a bit. The other issue is we're now a good 20yrs into this phase of life in aviation, and most of the younger g
  20. Plumber, You have demonstrated you are missing most everything in this conversation. AR
  21. When you have a horse, and some cows to look after. Full stop. (Otherwise, see Icewind's post) AR
  22. The level of misunderstanding or lack of comprehension of our industry on display here is staggering. I can only assume most of you posting have never a) been involved in this kind of work, or B ) been involved in the process that goes on behind this scenes to ensure this is done properly, safely, and that all the bases are covered, or c) had anything to do with legal side of things when operations go wrong. Anyway, carry on... AR
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