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  1. Maybe you should stick to retirement John. The world is a different place now, and "IF" something had gone wrong there, the pilot, the company, and probably even the volunteer SAR guys would be hung out to dry, bet your lunch money on it. The only "stupidity" on display here is your lack of comprehension and inability to separate the emotional response with reality. I never said I'm not happy the girl was saved, but perhaps you need to be brought up to speed on the consequences these days - this ain't the '80's anymore more Toto.... To answer your question: "What's the right thing to
  2. Hate to be the one who says it, but were that a civi operator - which it probably should have been - the disregard for CARS and the Flight Manual would have had TC all over it. Especially given it's on video. Glad she made out, but there are companies specifically trained and properly equipped for this type of Operation. I believe the fine folks at Valley Helicopters should have been dispatched to do it right, and within the laws we're governed by. Had that gone pear-shaped and something happened, I wonder if the RCMP would have stood behind the pilot? AR
  3. John, It seems to me you are exactly what you're ranting about - ie. the guy who inevitably takes a thread and drags it somewhere it shouldn't be. How many times now have you posted that rant? As you see, I rarely post here anymore, granted for many of your stated reasons - however, if you can't be part of the solution, then why bother posting at all? AR
  4. Hmmm, I was thinking Crackpot.... Too easy, had to take it. AR
  5. Not like you've got anything to complain about! There's a crock-pot on the go in the Crane cockpit at all times, isn't there? ;-) AR
  6. +1 Splitpin marginalized himself a long, long, time ago. He offers little more than an occasionally amusing sideshow. AR
  7. Meh, I just had an espresso machine installed in the bubble on my 205. Really, makes things much more civilized. AR
  8. Heard about BC a couple weeks ago, didn't know about WC though. Sorry to hear that, pretty rough year most places by the sound of it. AR
  9. 142 views - zero replies.... Guess I have my answer. AR
  10. Anyone having a better year than last, or about the same? I know there are a few pockets of work around, not a lot seems to be going on in the fire world at the moment, logging is still slow, heard a couple companies are laying off or close to closing doors, a few others seem pretty busy with the revival of mineral exploration. So who's doing what? Me? I'm enjoying the World Cup and the US Open on days off. ;-) AR
  11. You beat me to it. Pay very close attention to the above, I can't believe people are still propagating these notions. AR
  12. They are however, just another helicopter, and as such will reward good-airmanship and flying skills, just like anything else. There is no great mystery to flying a Long Ranger. Some would have you believe they are a monster just waiting to catch you out with the fuel system or a slightly longer tail - it's just not the case. The machine talks well, if you listen to it you will learn a lot, particularly in the mountains and at altitude. Any dedicated pilot will educate him or herself on the machine they're using before using it, and from lights to heavies, they will be just fine when do
  13. This has to be one of the most misinformed, inaccurate, and stupid threads seen on here in, well, weeks. Check your emotions at the door and look at the facts, shall we? As Skidbiter and R22Capt have said above, grow up SVP, this is embarrassing. AR
  14. Nice to see the level of "stupid" around here hasn't receded any since my last visit. Guess a few more sandbags are in order. AR
  15. Now that the country is descending into ever great depths of violence in insecurity... Sounds like a great idea. AR
  16. Of course I support it, that is what this forum is. It's all right there in the agreement when you sign up, if a person were to choose to reveal their identity, then fine, but to make it out to be some sort of badge of honor is ridiculous. You and I both know how small this industry is, and I can imagine a "known user" heli forum would be little more than a bunch of guys blowing sunshine up their collective arses. The industry on the other hand needs some people to speak out - here you have it. When someone says something entirely false, like what is going on in the Gemini thread, we all
  17. It never ceases to amaze me how the concept of anonymous forums continue to elude a great many people. That's the point, it's a bit like some of the 'confidential reporting' on various SMS systems I've seen popping up these past few years, not that I'm suggestion anything untoward about that fabulous fiasco, er concept. AR
  18. I read a fabulous quote the other week, it said: "Any idiot can state an opinion, but having an opinion that's worth listening to is an entirely different matter." Btw, you seem to have some difficulty expressing yourself, perhaps we've lost something in translation? Again, the only "crap and trash" is coming from you. I'm sure there's a case of Bud and and gopher patch needing your attention - not that there's anything wrong with that of course. AR
  19. My pleasure. Come again AR PS The "BS" is yours, and yours alone. Well, almost. You have some company in WTF.
  20. I truly hope the astounding display of mental accuity you are putting on here is limited to your particular gene pool - if not, it's no surprise people get herded they way they do and I shall get even more discouraged about people. I could care less whether or not you like B.C., in fact judging by what you post, I'm rather happy you're out in there flat lands where the damage you can do is more limited, please stay there. However, the older I get, the harder I find it to accept blatantly ignorant commentary from the gullible peanut gallery. Do you get a membership card? I know you ha
  21. Yes, You folks in Alberta are special. I say "you" folks because I'm close friends with many Albertans who would find your attitude pretty ignorant, certainly xenophobic, and I say "special" in a way you probably wouldn't find complimentary. I'm really starting to get sick of some of the people this wonderful industry of ours is attracting lately. The sense of entitlement awe inspiring actually. I suppose you and WTF are too busy "getting up in the morning" to pay attention to the world around you? And possibly even process it on an adult level? Thought so.... AR
  22. This may be true, but building it all on the house of cards that is credit, can only last so long. The aren't the only ones either. AR
  23. I give you exhibit "A" on why the helicopter industry is the way it is. With people like this on your side, it's no wonder wages and conditions are going backwards, the intellectual stimulation is simply overwhelming. Or not. Mostly not. Ok, not at all. Do they have school where you came from? AR
  24. Bingo. Now the question is, will anybody do anything about it? Hey, who got all the Olympic contracts anyway? AR
  25. Hopefully not, I've done that a number of times, just land somewhere out of the way and it's all good. AR
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