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  1. Um, you may want to tell the 61 crew based there about that.... The sites aren't IN YFB, but they have to come home each night, no? AR
  2. I hear Great Slave will be receiving their first IFR ship very soon, a friend work's there and said they exchanged it for a B4 with someone overseas, but that was supposed to be for a Polar Shelf thing, I don't know any of the details though, so may have the contracts mixed up. I can't see GSH doing the Dew Line alone though, nobody there has any real IFR/Night VFR experience. AR
  3. Tell me these are for Long Ranger bids??? Somehow I doubt it though... AR
  4. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/090923/...dian_helicopter By The Canadian Press ADVERTISEMENT MONTREAL - Stock in Canadian Helicopters Income Fund (TSX:CHL.UN) dropped sharply in early Wednesday trading after the company lost a contract to provide $10.3-million worth of maintenance services to the U.S. Air Force and added that two more are under review. Canada's largest helicopter transportation services firm, which is based in Montreal, said the United States Transportation Command has chosen an unnamed competitor to maintain radar sites in the North Warning System.
  5. The real question is, what's makes you a good RE-production pilot.... AR
  6. Ok. Try it and see how many floaters and helis you talk to in the course of a day around here. 123.2 is used because we all take off and land all over the place, all the time - there is method to the madness. AR
  7. Oh thanks! I re-read it and you're 100% correct.... Come on Bob, you're better than that..... BR opened his mouth and let it flap about something he doesn't know about... You take people to task over the same things all the time on here, so if you don't mind.... Just because some of us have age on our side doesn't mean we get to spout crap. BR, you, me, all included. "Humour" or not, he's talking out his arse on this one. AR
  8. "Those little smilie (sic) things....." This coming from somebody who sees fit to lecture on literacy? Quaint. I'll tell you what I do know, and that is operating helicopters. Judging by what you posted initially, you seem to have little real experience in this area, so perhaps sticking to wrenching might be a wise course of action. Let me ask, when/if you fly do you pack the kitchen sink while long lining a max load or moving a ship full of passengers and gear too? How about when working here in the hills? (Note "smilie thing") This is about the topic at hand. A fellow go
  9. All the best to all of you at Elbow River, and of course Bob's family. AR
  10. I think it has little to do with either, and I appreciate the compliments, but may I suggest you go back and re-read what you wrote... If it is not as it comes across, then I think the problem lies in your ability to articulate what you actually mean... because the way I read it, you've got it all figured out and have an issue with pilots. Perhaps your sarcasm in that area didn't come across as intended, I'll give you that considering the medium, however once again, that's your communication issue, not mine. But hey, as you say, what do I know? AR
  11. Ok, Let me get this straight: You are an AME who has an obvious superiority complex, and you decide that it's somehow your responsibility to tell pilots how to operate their a/c? Do you really expect anyone to listen to a post like that? Skully may have "multiple personalities," but he's got a point in his post in that there are a myriad of circumstances that could/do require fueling gear to be left behind. When will you people figure out there a job to be done, and it goes a whole lot better when pilots and mechanics check their egos at the door? AR
  12. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/...h-lillooet.html Fingers crossed it's nothing serious... AR
  13. Only a few times? I suggest you might want to refrain from commenting on that which you obviously have no idea. Mr. Skullcap has been around an awfully long time. Just saying, one needs to be careful about condemning others... take it for what it's worth. Too bad about the refueling gear though. AR
  14. Funny, Here I was thinking how "accent-free" we were this year - only one over the past few days, and it seems to be slipping, so I think he might be a long-timer in Canuckland. AR
  15. In other words: Drink bottled water, and stick to showers - during daylight hours.... Preferably with a buddy. ****, from what I understand, the entire continent is hiding in the bloody bushes waiting to eat you.... I guess even Crocs get the urge to swat Robinson products out of the air.... AR
  16. Or so one might think..... AR http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8112062.stm
  17. BCFS is certainly holding the pursestrings rather tight right now, unless you fly a Crane, 214, or work for CC Helicopters... Oh well, it's still way early. AR
  18. The way I see it, there are about 6-8 types of Universal Bull$hit. Any given company has at least two or three of these, bad companies have more. Each person is different, and which of those 6-8 you can or cannot handle determines whether or not you are going to be happy at any given place. Some very reputable places can be brutal to work for if you don't fit in, and conversely you see guys happy at some real shitholes. There you have, all scientific like. AR
  19. Yes, we are all blood thirsty death-mongers.... Use your head mate, nobody is calling for death or destruction. Big fires in Canada can burn for months without killing anyone or damaging too much property, but I suspect you knew that already. People here want to get flying, and want to pay the mortgage, fire is one of the best ways to do that. AR
  20. Ah yes, 'merican... Didn't see the locale the first time around. Yes, that confuses me too, but having flown down there in years past, there are definitely some differences in thought. AR
  21. No offense, but you were taught wrong. Interesting thread however. AR
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