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  1. That is the whole trick AED. When coming into the landing, you throw the blocks out in front, then "chase" them down to the pile maintaining JUST enough airspeed to flirt with VRS but not fully induce it. Of course there are places where the customer wants the blocks piled that are in logging road cuts amongst 150-200ft trees where the timing has to be exact. You are pulling some power as the blocks near the pile, but it's a timing thing, not a power thing. That said, there is still plenty of power on, but nowhere near what you would need to hover the load. If you are late and end u
  2. The essence of shake block logging Dick. It's a hoot - when you get it right... mess up, and you're watching 200ft of line coil up on the ground next to the pile of wood, fast. The 500 is amazing in that regard however, some lateral cyclic, and you're out as fast as you got in, usually already turned 180 degrees and heading back up hill. Too bad the industry seems to be on its last legs. AR
  3. **** Deuce, you were supposed to save your answer for a while.... Bingo, you get a sticker in you notebook....lol AR
  4. This is always vastly entertaining. Question of the day: When can settling be "used" to the pilot's advantage? AR
  5. The million dollar question from FlightPath is, DID BRAD EVER MARRY THAT GIRL???? I've been wondering that for as long as the show's been out....... I'd pay for the answer - really. AR
  6. Have a job, but have had three offers in as many weeks, so people are looking. That said, not much in terms of hours yet. AR
  7. I see the usual outcry of disgust here, but it never ceases to amaze me how many employers will take advantage of just such an offer.... I've witnessed it more than a few times, and with some operators who's names would surprise a few people. Canadian Aviation - we eat our young..... AR
  8. http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2009/04/01/n...helicopter.html Helicopter with 16 on board ditches in North Sea A helicopter carrying 16 people has ditched in the North Sea, Britain's Maritime and Coastguard Agency said Wednesday. There is no immediate word on survivors. The BBC quoted the coast guard in Aberdeen, Scotland, as saying a major rescue operation was underway. Coast guards said the crash occurred around 2 p.m. local time. Media reports have indicated the crash occurred about 56 kilometres off the coast from the village of Crimond in northeast Scotlan
  9. Former rally world champion Colin McRae's flying licence was out of date when he crashed his helicopter in woodland near Lanark in September 2007. An Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) report into the tragedy found no cause could be positively determined. Colin, 39, his son Johnny, five, and two family friends were killed when the Squirrel helicopter came down. The parents of six year-old Ben Porcelli, who died, said it was evident that "unnecessary risks" were taken. The accident report said that Mr McRae had been "undertaking a demanding manoeuvre" prior to the cra
  10. Um, Not sure what you're talking about, looks the same to me.... METAR CYYC 281600Z 24007KT 40SM FEW052 FEW120 16/02 A2979 RMK CU1AC2 SLP100= METAR CYYC 281500Z 19004KT 40SM FEW070 SCT120 11/03 A2981 RMK AC1AC2 SLP106= METAR CYYC 281400Z 00000KT 40SM FEW070 BKN120 10/02 A2982 RMK AC1AC5 SLP110= The TAF on the other hand.... AR
  11. cheynne, Well said. I think we'd all be reminded to allow people their own processes, there isn't one way to react to these situations. The driller on board flew hundreds of flights with me last year, hooked me to more overweight loads than you can shake a hook/fist at....! lol, but one of the nicest guys you'll meet. He will be missed. AR
  12. Mitch, I think most of us would agree with you on conditions of camps, duty times etc... Particularly in the North where the sun doesn't set for months on end. But, you are WAY out to lunch on the belly hooking of drills.... Engine failure 10ft above a drill set up will not only kill you, but the 2-4 people below you. Half the drills I've moved in the last year are on ground so steep you can't possibly get that close, in fact even a 50ft line is sometimes too short. You go on about engine failures, how many you had in your 23yrs? I've had precisely one - and it quit due to wa
  13. So I guess next time I'm swearing at the weather during a drill move, I can think about you Fire Guys having a rough summer... At least I've been flying tonnes. Then again, tent's are getting VERY old.... Less hours and a hotel? You're on.... ;-) AR
  14. Banoy, I agree. The load cell is the BEST way to settle scraps with drillers, make sure you're getting loads right before you take off, and that things weigh what they're supposed to. Which they never do. Elvis, I've been using a load cell for YEARS, never had one go south, and even if it did, there's always plan B... the old way. You make it sound like using one precludes everything else... It's just one more tool to do a better job. Just like a GPS. But I still always have my maps. AR
  15. Same reason you don't find most new helicopters in Canada. The Operators have trained the customers to accept nothing less than the lowest rates since deregulation, so, we're still selling 40yr old machines. A trip to Europe is almost a religious experience in terms of seeing what hardware is out there.... And I'm an atheist. Call me a cynic. AR
  16. "If you have any." Cute. You're obviously missing the point here entirely, so I'll leave you to it. AR
  17. T-Rex, I hope you're not actually serious with that reply. "If you're not happy... don't fly it?" WHAT? I hope that any new pilots reading this will have enough gumption to read statements like that and ignore them. This is NOT how safety is approached, and like Blackmac says, if it were, we'd still be in stone ages. "If you don't like the job find another one." Really? Is that how you treat your employees when approached with a safety, schedule, risk issue? I can only hope I'm reading that wrong. A self sealing fuel tank is almost a no brainer, why it hasn't be
  18. Unreasonable? Please explain, I'm pretty certain there are a lot of people without Fathers, Brothers, and Husbands who would beg to differ. Making comparisons to cars is obscuring the issue, the numbers alone make it apples and oranges. As far as cars go, there are all kinds of gas tank standards to prevent fire btw. This could have been done donkey's years ago, and could be phased in. The costs can be passed on to the customer, just like every other industry. Cost is not a insurmountable obstacle. AR
  19. Lol, No worries... You had me wondering for a minute or two.... But I know we're good for Pilot Hot Refueling. AR
  20. Well, I'm looking a both the company Ops manuals who I work for, and unless my reading comprehension has dropped a number of levels, I'm pretty sure it doesn't say anything about the pilot being unable to hot fuel. There are the words "supervised," "No passengers," and the usual litany of environmental requirements, but looks to me like I'm legal. Seeing as almost every pilot I know does this, I'm a little confused here. My Ops Manual says the above, and that CARS 602.09 and 602.10 must be complied with. Fuelling with Engines Running 602.09 No person operating
  21. I need to ask, what's the issue with hot fueling your own a/c??? As long as nobody is in close proximity and the Ops Manual is complied with, there's no issue. I must do this 500 times a year. Now of course the original scenario here is a no brainer - or one would think! AR
  22. Not true. While a large enough accident will, as you say, always produce fire, it's the otherwise survivable accidents that I'm concerned about. The ones where the occupants are alive, banged up, but otherwise OK. Fire breaks out far to easily, and it doesn't have to. AR
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