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  1. Thanks for starting a new thread Don, I should have done that earlier. AR
  2. That's great. Except for two things. One, we all know unless safety is mandated, companies are not going to shell out the extra money for these products and reduce their already thin margins in relation their competitors. Two, how many helicopters percentage wise, in our fleet are of those vintages? Not many, and of the ones that are, see comment One. This is something at needs to be mandated across the board, equally to all. The customer pays. This is 2008, why is it that lip service is still paid to safety in the form of 2000hr pilot minimums to fly lease site to lease sit
  3. I'm no expert on these things, however I do know that there are all kinds of burst/puncture resistant bladders, and there have been for decades.... There is one reason we don't use them - $ Well, actually two. The other being neither the FAA or TC sees fit to mandate crash protected fuel cells. When I first started flying, I remember looking at an Astar during a rebuild, and seeing that plastic tank in there was a bit of a shock. Imho, it's shocking we don't have legislated protection from post crash fires. That's two accidents in less than a month where fire has
  4. It's called a self sealing tank, and they've been using them since before WWII..... You're 100% right though, there's no excuse why we're still flying aircraft around with landers and plastic tanks.... AR
  5. Why's that? It's what we do, speculate on causes of things, ranging from company buy outs to accidents. I have no idea why some people are so threatened by speculation. As long as it's not malicious, what's the problem? Nobody seemed to have an issue with Mr Jenner's situation, or the prospective buy out of VIH last year... It's sad accident to be sure, just like they all are, but speculating on causes is a way we all deal with these things. AR
  6. Can someone please PM the pilot involved? Sad news. AR
  7. Um, If your helmet is black, may I suggest being a bit more careful on where you put it??? :shock: AR
  8. I know that shipping companies spend millions painting the decks of their super tankers with specially reflective WHITE paint to reduce cargo temps by 20C.... I'll stick to my beat up white bucket. AR
  9. Great points by everyone. Long lining, like any other area of flight, requires the pilot to be smooth above all. Many people get away with erratic control movements in other areas, but the consequences show up much more dramatically when on the line - especially in a Medium.... You want to be a "good" line pilot, then be smooth. Lots of people can fly with a line on, but the good ones are smooth and controlled. If you want to be a good line pilot, follow the points posted by the others, but also make yourself fly the machine as smoothly and efficiently as possible in ALL areas of yo
  10. I'm a little confused as to how that's a good thing, safety wise of course... AR
  11. Mr Jenner, May I respectfully suggest you are accomplishing very little by engaging in this 'debate,' or whatever you want to call it. Judging by what has been written here, by you, you have done wrong. To what degree is not for me to say, as the other sides have not come to light, but you are damaging whatever reputation you have left in this thread. There are people who want you absolved, there are people who want you hung, and the rest are either on the fence or indifferent, you're not helping your case here. I'm certain the "facts" will come out over time, through the p
  12. I see Mr Jenner isn't the only one in hot water with his membership.... http://f1.gpupdate.net/en/news/2008/04/03/...ey-s-behaviour/ AR
  13. I think Carholme has the right idea here. It'll be interesting to see what the facts are, but what is clear is that the coming litigation will be a he said, she said affair. Regardless, the motivation behind this post is pretty clear. It's the public declaration of innocence before the court date. I think there will be precious little said without pre-approval for the lawyer. Whether it's to be believed or not, time will tell. AR
  14. You know those HUGE Polar Bear footprints you see up in the Arctic? Yours is MUCH bigger....Lol AR
  15. I always find that one interesting. Reason being, MOST of us operate out on our own, or with an AME or Pilot in tow, but essentially on our own. One of best attributes I see is an ability to function responsibly on one's own for extended periods. That said, I TOTALLY agree, the best companies are where the employees are there to help and support each other, and it's not all about "I." Although reading that "Pilots" thread in the Mtc Forum could lead one to think otherwise..... Lol AR
  16. Todd, With all due respect, you cannot compare company perk's and treating employees well, to wage structure and pay, they are two separate entities. By that logic, our favorite glacier tour outfit should let the boys and girls live in Calgary and give them a helicopter to commute home with each night.... As for the other things you mention.... You pay me a good rate to come and do my job in a professional manner - that means NOT loosing Ops gear, NOT breaking chin bubbles, NOT abusing the helicopter or the company, and providing a high level of service to both the customer AND t
  17. I found out the hard way - you don't have a choice who they marry....! Lol, AR
  18. I'm not sure what you're getting at. Regardless of pay structure, when the a/c moves, you shgould be getting your hourly wage, be that a contract wage, or part of a split base pay/hourly wage. What is so difficult to comprehend about that? Why are pilots in this country continuing to defend such a myopic viewpoint. Mins are paid to retain services, if a pilot is sitting in camp, there's a certain compensation required, just because the customer doesn't want to fly today, doesn't mean the crews aren't sitting there, ready, trained, and experienced enough to do the job. So why a
  19. I'm pretty sure I didn't write "blah blah blah, my life sux." The "big picture" is what I am looking at, in case you didn't notice. We all go on and on about wages every year, but we can't as a group even get paid for performing the work we're hired to do. "Non-rev" is not my problem, when I become an Owner, then it will be, but right now, it's not. We get paid to fly regardless who foots the bill. Anyway, I do get paid for so called non-rev, and I don't work for averaged Mins, I'm merely commenting on a VERY pervasive trend in our industry. Training? Well, I'm easy on that one, not s
  20. @#$@&!!!!!! *&($#@*^@)'N *^*&^%%erds.....!!!!! Lmao... Better??? Do I hear a 9? Anyone, anyone? Buhler? Buhler? BTW, mins are there for a reason, and NO they shouldn't get averaged, that too is BS. Might as well roll everything into one rant, right?? LOL AR PS I do get paid for ferries, and I don't get Mins averaged, but I'm sick of seeing the looks of abject disbelief on other pilot's faces when you tell them that!
  21. If it's flying and I'm at the controls, I don't care who's paying for it, but I'm getting my wage. If not, you can find someone else, I'm just as dead or injured if there's an accident. Moving or test flying A/C is the cost of business, you pay for the fuel, you pay for the pilot. Pretty simple concept really. I'm not sure how this whole thing started back in the day, but it's absolutely got to be the most ridiculous thing in our industry. Bar none. When will pilots start to universally demand to be paid for their services? We won't even talk about rates, so at least have the self
  22. Thanks TQN, feeling better already... You guys crack me up! I'll say it once again, "I'm NOT crusty....!!!!" Lol.... Really, I'm not. Offset, may I suggest you find yourself some better pilots to work under? The old ******* who taught me to long line accepted "nothing less than taking the wallet from the mechanic's back pocket while he's bending over to lick his balls...." His words, not mine... Can't say as I've actually pulled that particular scenario off just yet, but I've seen some pretty good hook swingers out there over the years..... AR I'm NOT crusty.... Jeeze
  23. Half day rate, plus per diems for me. AR
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