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  1. Good on you Adam, and the rest of the fella's that joined the team too! All the best to you guys!
  2. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any reference material, or can shed some light on the reason for "Maximum Rate Of Climb" in the 407 and 214? It presents an unsafe cyclic displacement? Or could it be because it puts the aircraft in an unsafe position in the event of an engine failure? Curious to hear the reasoning behind it. Thanks guys, Fly_Guy
  3. Power check numbers are saying plus 40 to 45 consistently... N1 at 7000' was 101.5%.... I will look into N1 topping. Pretty sure the engineer did set it past 105N1 but I will double check with him..
  4. Hello Guys, I don't have too much experience with an EGT Guage in the 205A-1 with a T53-17 engine, but I want to run some numbers by you while the aircraft is on the ground and in flight and see if these numbers are "normal" or if they seem high to anyone..?? The temperature here is +24'C OAT, and our maximum starting and T/O EGT is 672'C, and 654'C for maximum continuous. (As per the placard) We were flying at 2000', 35 PSI, 96% N1, and 555'C on the EGT Guage..?? Normal? The difference between ground idle and flight idle is only 20'C. 540'C at 100% and 520'C at 7
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