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  1. But somehow operators can afford to pay ever increasing wages for pilots due to a labour shortage. Are there really that many more Engineers out there than pilots?
  2. Not even this year? There aren't that many of us to go around these days. Time we stop selling ourselves short.
  3. $100k? Geez I make $120k minimum as a field Engineer on mediums, the added responsibility of looking after a whole fleet should be increasing your pay by a fair amount. $150k+ or shove it. Of course this all depends, how many ships in the fleet and what type.
  4. How about in BC? Our machines weren't banging out snowmen the whole time but they had a few good runs.
  5. Hard to say whether that happened before or during the crash, that's right where the main rotor blades would hit.
  6. There are many rumours as to who is buying Alpine. I have heard Great Slave, CHL/HNZ, Mustang (yeah right) it is all just rumour though no one actually knows anything.
  7. Ahead of schedule? Sikorsky could learn a thing or two from Boeing I think.
  8. Interesting you should say that as one of the main reasons for me wanting the EASA license was to convert it to CASA. I'm a 212 guy too, trying to get into some overseas work and in the long run work on new iron. I have also heard that the PNG license which is open book is recognized as by the CASA system and is another segway for getting a CASA license although I'm not sure how it makes it easier to get.
  9. Boom-fizzle in Alberta. Rained about 100mm up here in the Upper Hay district where all the fires were.
  10. Thanks a lot for the responses guys, and thanks for confirming that I can use my Transport Canada experience logbook. It was like Christmas when I found mine still lying in a box in my office.
  11. I am currently looking into writing the EASA/JARS Part 66 licensing exams at BCIT, and since their "Quality Assurance" Manager is on vacation I have some questions I'm looking for answers to. Hopefully yous guysh can shine some light on this for me. Apparently there are quite a few different categories of licenses in the EASA system, I seem to be needing the A3/B1.3 category license to work on turbine powered helicopters. To acquire that I need to write 13 exams, and to write exams I'm going to need some study material. That is my main issue right now, where do I find the information.
  12. I don't know what Province you're in but have you looked at the weather? Southern BC is practically underwater. The rest of the country isn't really doing much either. Apparently mining has slowed as well? IFR? Sure let's do it!
  13. You would have to be exceptionally bad at paperwork to spend 60% of your time pushing a pen in my opinion. I would say between wiping grease and oil and washing the boom, decks and **** hole I spend about 30% of my time cleaning. I think my ship stays pretty clean too.
  14. Right right I totally forgot about Hevilift, thanks for the info guys.
  15. Well I'm a bit new here but I thought I'd come out of the gate at full speed so here goes. I've been pondering doing some international work lately. Anyone on here have much experience working internationally? I currently hold an M2 license and a 212 endorsement. How much of an asset will getting an A&P certificate be? Honestly I haven't really done my homework yet, there's what Great Slave, CHL, VIH and who else operating Canadian mediums overseas? I heard mention of a company called Pacific (not Pacific Western) operating 212's and A-stars in Papua New Guinea. Does anyo
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