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  1. Good Point Marc, I guess some of us who Paid airtime paid too much So now what is the Legal definition of flight time and will the training schools who charge Engine Time now have to charge more so there students logbooks are legal and meet the requirements?
  2. So if we now are basically logging AIR TIME and FLIGHT TIME as the same thing for helicopters on skids. Then when training through a flight school which most bill Engine running time will students have to pay more to get that 100hrs of personal logbook time?
  3. Can't find the amendment to CARs for definition of helicopter flight time so do we revert back to logging air time? General Aviation Policy Letter (GAPL) No. 2005-02 Reference Canadian Aviation Regulations Part I - General Provisions, Sub-part 1 Interpretation Background CAR 101.01(1) defines "flight time" as meaning "the time from the moment an aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment it comes to rest at the end of the flight". For aeroplanes, the meaning is clear and for helicopters that can taxi on the ground, "flight t
  4. Naming names of "posters" weather they care or not is very childish........
  5. Well Captain Obvious, I think we need more diplomatic people like you in the top ranks of our industry to increase the professionalism. Word of advice from not such an old fart would be to control your emotions before posting. Emotional outburst never benefit anyone. I simply have my own opinion on this situation and industry. I don't think it's really Hac attacking or the fact Alpine should play by the same rules as everyone else because they should have no exceptions. However it's this back stabbing industry and i wouldn't doubt the rightful complainers have motives and believe they
  6. I am of the same opinion and think it is a feeble attempt for a handful of local operators to sling some mud and hopefully gain from the situation however I highly doubt anything will change except for a minor restructuring of ownership if that. Most countries will protect there market from foreign operators which is good but the big players will operate where ever they wish as long as it is profitable and they can play by the rules or manipulate the law. So in this case I doubt it will be too much for the lawyers fix.
  7. I was reading the latest FDT thread and came across the HAC website and read a couple of there letters regarding Alpine Helicopters being foreign owned while still being allowed to operate freely in Canada. Ironically Alpine still shows as a member on the HAC website even though there are multiple letters protesting there operations. However all this protesting what will this actually accomplish and who is behind it? I am sure Alpine has been in business in Canada as long or longer than some of these operators that are protesting there eligibility to the Canadian Market. Realistically what wil
  8. http://www.hiltonsoftware.com/index2.html
  9. That's how I feel. I am going on my first road trip to look for a job and this is one of the companies I am looking at. I want to make sure I'm making the right decision. If anyone has worked there or has any advice for me about this company I would be all ears. PM me if you like. I don't plan on wasting time here. I thought it would be a good way of networking. I could be wrong. Busbar I didn't ask how you got your start, nor do I care. You seem to have a personal grudge against the pilot in question and I don't understand why. I can't be bothered to go through the process of goog
  10. Busbar, I find it quite ironic from your previous posts that you as a lower time pilot applied with this operator which I gather was quite recent. And now you are president of a helicopter company (sorry curiosity got to me and Googled you). Did the Iceifeld pilots applying to you and your company have more experience than you?......Sorry I couldn't resist... Although I do disagree with you publicly singling out a specific employee which is not very professional and shows your character. Just remember very small industry and you may be working beside that pilot one day on a job..... Safe F
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