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  1. If you find a machine out that way, I know a guy that was looking for a drop off across the South end of the Kinbasket. So far, he’s only found an a/c and quote out of Valemont or McBride.. I’ll let you know if we hear of anything.
  2. There is no situation. My understanding (Having got a personal phone call from one operator) is that all schools were closed.
  3. Not a lawyer, and just surmising, but my quick answer is it probably has more to do with operations running from a base. It’s a pretty big “loophole” if you think about it. Especially regarding overtime/wages/averaging of hours etc etc.
  4. Talk to US immigration.
  5. I was 5-6 years without a lid. Finally got a 050. I do extensive longlining in Astar and 500, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m 46, with all the associated 500 neck stuff. Seems to not run very much on the A Star window to. It did take a bit to get fitted properly over the phone but the retailer was more than accommodating. One thing to keep in mind is that they are designed to use the visor all the time. So if you are visor up, with windows open/door off it’s a little louder. It’s just the way the visor fits along the Corners by your eyes. Mind you I have just the hush kit. Pretty straight forward lid. But it fits really nice, and I don’t notice it.
  6. Shoot! That’s right! A few years back, at a different company, I was issued a little infrared heat gun. And we used 254.
  7. Not being pretentious but don’t forget to get your medical first... just in case.
  8. Valley B out of Manning. Almost exclusively pilot operating w/ 44’s and even have a couple R 66’s on the go. 1 AStar doing the bigger stuff
  9. Yes, get a helmet. But consider this....if you go all out and get a decent gallet it’s over 2000.00. That’s a lot of money (possibly debt) to pack around considering that there is a really good chance you won’t use it for a few years after training. Bad things happen and you may have to sell for a loss. It’s not a requirement for ground crew jobs that I know of, and as long as you have the ability to get one, it won’t be a roadblock. Just keep pounding the internet and look around for something as cheap as possible (sph-5?) just to get through and you should probably be able to sell it back to another student at even money. Get the good one once that first PPC is passed. Plus you’ll know what’s important to you in a helmet after wearing the old one.
  10. What happens if your customer service rep is in the south and you are in the North?
  11. Unless you can account for the disymetry (sp? Lol) of lift, the shape of the helicopter ( parasitic drag/areodynamics) is mostly irrelevant. So, imo... blades.
  12. Got mine used for 250 on here. But at the time I also put out alerts in Kijjijji, with the idea of giving it a good alcohol wipe down. Got lots of hits btw. Al in the 150-250 range
  13. To add to that , I owned my own phone. I was Telus, but switched to Koodoo (owned by Telus, same network) to get this deal. I think it’s over but if you own your phone I would get hold of the loyalty department of whoever you are with and start wheeling and dealing. Hit every kiosk in the mall.
  14. I’m in the same line of work as you, but usually my door is either off or on. I can’t speak for the EVO, but I just bought a plane jane 050 from Merrit... I have the hush kit and liner. That’s it. First time I’ve worn a lid in years, and I love it. No fancy noise canceling or additional ear plugs, and it works pretty good in the 500. Service was great getting it to fit right. The only thing that is particular to this lid is that if you are hanging your head out with doors off, and visor up.....There is a pocket in front of each ear muff that is typical of the shell design. When you hang your head out the door at any speed it can get loud. But this is mitigated back to normal with a bit of tissue paper stuffed into those pockets believe it or not... or just keep your visor down like it’s designed for. The gentleman from Merrit clued me in right away. We spent 3 nights on the phone making sure it fit right, and he willingly took the time to work with me. First class service. Still pretty quiet all around. Still can’t hear my wife, so nothings changed there. Flown in a few 500’s with it now, and I would suggest a independent volume control. But other than that, I’m very happy with it, And I really didn’t want to pay for it. But I still like it🤑
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