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  1. Yeah… anybody else lift a whole pipeline?
  2. Join KIJIJI. Set up notifications for a Roho that comes up for sale. Usually a couple 2-300 ish. it’s pretty **** good in the A Stars and 500’s
  3. Bill has been lining his pockets for 30 years, because he built an operating system that 90 % of the world relies on. And He’s famous because his pockets are just so well lined. And the fearful soundbites that people play are just that; the musings of a bored man who conquered a good portion of the world and can could technically buy small countries. Whether you get the vaccine or not doesn’t matter one iota to Bill Gates.
  4. A great pilot. Exceptional, real world instructor. And it was always apparent that he loved it, whether it was a R44 in the rocks, or a 205 with dual HYD failures and everything above and in between. Safe Travels Richard. Show em how it’s done up there.
  5. It’s been a while, and only a pilot: -but if I remember correctly, that correction factor is only applicable if your maintenance department had determined that it is the filter that is the problem. And not engine related. -Make sure you are pulling a limit during the power check. ie 94% TQ. There are some fight parameters that don’t fit within the power check chart, if you aren’t pulling near a limit. -If it’s a new filter or recently been cleaned and lubed, make sure it’s been set out to dry off for the appropriate time and not too wet. Blue oil dripping around/in your
  6. For example, “what would happen if we put 20,000 liters of water around one burning tree at nighttime… what would we have in the morning? Would it be a mop up for a couple of days, instead of a two-month production?” he said. Kudos to them bringing a newish technology to the forefront. A lot of money trying to develop a niche market. It’s a bit of a gamble going to this extreme, considering that conducting normal IA type VFR bucketing operations at 4 or 5 in the morning is frowned upon by most fire fighting agencies that I know of.
  7. If you find a machine out that way, I know a guy that was looking for a drop off across the South end of the Kinbasket. So far, he’s only found an a/c and quote out of Valemont or McBride.. I’ll let you know if we hear of anything.
  8. There is no situation. My understanding (Having got a personal phone call from one operator) is that all schools were closed.
  9. Not a lawyer, and just surmising, but my quick answer is it probably has more to do with operations running from a base. It’s a pretty big “loophole” if you think about it. Especially regarding overtime/wages/averaging of hours etc etc.
  10. I was 5-6 years without a lid. Finally got a 050. I do extensive longlining in Astar and 500, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m 46, with all the associated 500 neck stuff. Seems to not run very much on the A Star window to. It did take a bit to get fitted properly over the phone but the retailer was more than accommodating. One thing to keep in mind is that they are designed to use the visor all the time. So if you are visor up, with windows open/door off it’s a little louder. It’s just the way the visor fits along the Corners by your eyes. Mind you I have just the hush kit. Pret
  11. Shoot! That’s right! A few years back, at a different company, I was issued a little infrared heat gun. And we used 254.
  12. Not being pretentious but don’t forget to get your medical first... just in case.
  13. Valley B out of Manning. Almost exclusively pilot operating w/ 44’s and even have a couple R 66’s on the go. 1 AStar doing the bigger stuff
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