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  1. 58 pilots, Any of you know of the 58 pilots who go by the call sign War Machine or War Monger? Back in 2006, Mosul, Iraq, our platoon got in a shake bake fire fight. We were taking fire from both sides of the MSR near the flour mill in Mosul; sniper and machine gun small arms. One of the above mentioned 58 crews flew in to check the roof tops for us and they took fire as well. Long story short, they did a gun run. All the shooting stopped. I just wanted to say thanks for helping all of us the on the ground. SSG David Hickman Formerly of 172nd SBCT Ft Wainwright C 1-17 Infantry
  2. 2nd CG hang test. Tried to upload the aluminum mock up, but I ques it's too big. It's on my site. It does seem odd that the industry shys away from independents, but I quess I can see a little bit why they do so, but I will not quit. Dave HIR-1 (Ipod Video).mov
  3. I have received some positive feedback from engineers and pilots. One patent pending for it. Bell Helicopters is taking a look at it, but no promises. DARPA took a look as well as a few others. Human Interface Rotor System helicopter (HIR) US Patent App. # 12,462,595 The HIR airframe uses "human interface" in conjunction with an offset axis gimbal joint to "morph" the airframe thereby tilting the rotor disc for directional control. This slightly "flexes" the center of gravity. Charles Seibel was first to design a helicopter with human interface control. The GEN H4 uses a gimbal, yet it i
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