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  1. Talked with a pilot that flies a 214 in Australia on fires. He says they work no more than 8-9 hour days with a set schedule and days off. What makes the helicopter industry in Canada special?
  2. That depends on the company. Some may keep dangling that carrot but have no intent on getting you flying. Or can only offer you maintenance and ferry flights, which will take many, many years to build any valuable time that way. Took me almost 5 years of ground crew work before getting a seat. Your best bet is tourism or one of the news helicopters. Instructing isn't really a time building opportunity up here, unlike the States. Vast majority of instructors up here have thousands of hours and many years of operational flying under their belts before moving into instructing.
  3. Something tells me you folks aren't working 42 and 5's, are being paid appropriately and not required to live in Rainbow Lake.
  4. Albert, one of his instructors while he was still there.
  5. Coast Helicopter College used to charge air time. Not sure if they still do or not as it's under different ownership now but worth checking out.
  6. Heard of more than one company that had aircraft parked because they couldn't fill seats this season out West.
  7. Considering getting out and into a trade myself.
  8. This forum is mostly Canadians. With 700 hours you should be able to find something. I know several people who had less than 1000 hours this Spring that got hired at various companies.
  9. http://www.bladeslapper.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13608&p=80070#p80070
  10. http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/cadors-screaq/rd.aspx?cno%3d%26dtef%3d2017-09-27%26dtet%3d2017-10-04%26otp%3d-1%26ftop%3d%3e%3d%26ftno%3d0%26ijop%3d%3e%3d%26ijno%3d0%26olc%3d%26prv%3d-1%26rgn%3d-1%26tsbno%3d%26tsbi%3d-1%26arno%3d%26ocatno%3d%26ocatop%3d1%26oevtno%3d%26oevtop%3d1%26evtacoc%3d3%26fltno%3d%26fltr%3d-1%26cars%3d-1%26acat%3d2%26nar%3d%26aiddl%3d-1%26aidxt%3d%26optdl%3d-1%26optcomt%3d%26optseq%3d%26optxt%3d%26opdlxt%3dResults%2bwill%2bappear%2bin%2bthis%2blist%26mkdl%3d-1%26mkxt%3d%26mdldl%3d-1%26mdlxt%3d%26cmkdl%3dC%26cmkxt%3d%26rt%3dQR%26hypl%3dy%26cnum%3d2017P1941
  11. So you admit you hire TFW's? Maybe you can't get 3 years out of Canadian pilots because you are not paying a fair wage and only TFW's that come here to gain experience think what you're paying them is acceptable. You are part of the problem. Stop hiring foreigners and pay a fair wage.. The Canadians will follow and stay!
  12. Pretty sure their use of force guidelines wouldn't allow them to shoot at a "fleeing felon".
  13. Tourism is basically the only option these days. Two major ones in Alberta that hire low time for ground crew and at least one of them will move them up to flying positions.
  14. Guardian Protective also does flight suits out of Calgary. http://www.guardianprotective.com/ProductDetail.aspx?id=8&ind=all
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