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  1. Heizenberg

    Best helicopter school in Canada right now ?

    Albert, one of his instructors while he was still there.
  2. Heizenberg

    Best helicopter school in Canada right now ?

    Coast Helicopter College used to charge air time. Not sure if they still do or not as it's under different ownership now but worth checking out.
  3. Heard of more than one company that had aircraft parked because they couldn't fill seats this season out West.
  4. Heizenberg

    Pilots leaving the industry

    Considering getting out and into a trade myself.
  5. Heizenberg

    Pilots leaving the industry

    This forum is mostly Canadians. With 700 hours you should be able to find something. I know several people who had less than 1000 hours this Spring that got hired at various companies.
  6. http://www.bladeslapper.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13608&p=80070#p80070
  7. Heizenberg

    Sad News

  8. Heizenberg

    Foreign Pilots

    So you admit you hire TFW's? Maybe you can't get 3 years out of Canadian pilots because you are not paying a fair wage and only TFW's that come here to gain experience think what you're paying them is acceptable. You are part of the problem. Stop hiring foreigners and pay a fair wage.. The Canadians will follow and stay!
  9. Heizenberg

    Quebec Jail Break Video

    Pretty sure their use of force guidelines wouldn't allow them to shoot at a "fleeing felon".
  10. Heizenberg

    Where Does A Lowtime Start?

    Tourism is basically the only option these days. Two major ones in Alberta that hire low time for ground crew and at least one of them will move them up to flying positions.
  11. Heizenberg

    Flight Suit

    Guardian Protective also does flight suits out of Calgary. http://www.guardianprotective.com/ProductDetail.aspx?id=8&ind=all
  12. Heizenberg

    R44 News/traffic Pilot

    Pretty sure it's LR Helicopters that runs the operations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton.
  13. Heizenberg

    Bob Kellie

    Found this posted on HeliOps Facebook page. RIP Bob "It is with much sorrow and sadness that I am posting today to advise that Bob Kellie died peacefully at home on Monday, January 18, 2016 due to cancer. Bob lived his life on his own terms and felt fortunate to be able to fulfill his passion of flying as a commercial helicopter pilot. He loved to give back to the aviation industry and took advantage of his spare time to encourage and teach students who also shared that passion. “Everyone must leave something behind when he dies....It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that’s like you after you take your hands away.” (Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451) Near the end he reflected back and realized how fortunate he had been to have had a very full and varied life; his only real regret was that it had to end too soon. Many of you on Facebook are fellow pilots, prior students and friends who came into Bob’s life at various times. Bob was very thankful for all of you who were a part of his journey and he wanted me to express his wish for you, that you realize the importance of enjoying every moment of your journey and appreciate where you are now, rather than focusing on how far you have to go, as one never knows when it could all be taken away. “A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” I sincerely hope that Bob left you with many wonderful memories that will continue into the future. Debbie"
  14. Anyone have any info on this company? Have seen jobs advertised on JobBank, but don't know anything about them.