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  1. gibson and barnes makes some good 2 piece suits and a lot more affordable
  2. I've been on this forum for years looking for every 100 hour or ground crew posting and they have been few and far between Normally when they want specifically a low timer is it not because they want somebody who is familiar with working around a helicopter, who is also motivated to show his employer that he deserves to fly. Why is the fact they want a low timer even a problem, I don't see 100 posts a year about places hiring low timers. Now the problem lies in the fact of they lead them along and there are no possibility to advance but I have faith in most employers to be straight fo
  3. taiga air services in MB had a low timer position advertised, not sure what came of it
  4. anybody have a good alternate for logten pro for droid and pc, im currently using zulu
  5. i have heard rumors that they want to sell all the singles and get into the twin and ifr market
  6. C-GONG(for sale), owned by Helibellule in Mirabel, Qc
  7. i had called G&B about a helmet and got the same answer and when i called the canadian distrubitor i couldnt even get the modifications i wanted made. i called G&S back ordered it had it shipped to a friends in the US and had them ship it to me. i love my hgu-56. lightweight, comfortable, came out to about 1800$ all said and done. dual visor with amber lens, quick disconnect, i really cant complain
  8. the ceotp program is always taking applicants, but they only accept applicants once or twice a year, and each recruiting center only gets a limited number of positions to fill, and in the program once you have completed you training you have 7-9 years(one or the other) to complete you University degree(on your own time ie. night school)
  9. i work at helibellule, here is there website www.mirabelhelisupport.com, they are a great bunch of guys, a few ex canadian ame's and other places, its a small company still consisting of 3 ames
  10. ya, theres a 206 i fly occasionally when the owner needs the machine ferried, and all the jacks were bose 6 pin jacks so my gentex wouldnt work, there is comapany called Mirabel Heli-support, where i work and they made an adapter for me, with a female helicopter jack and the bose at the other end, i dunno the website but you should be able to google them
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