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  1. EnvelopeAPM Inc launches subsidiary;Global Aviation Audits www.globalaviationaudits.com dedicated Aviation Audit Services.

  2. HAC is now listed as a 'Company" on Linkedin though it does not hold a "group" for discussion nor does it have "events" optionsetc.
  3. Time of the year Use the internet, more virtual hundreds/thousands of Canadian aviation folks are on Linkedin now, though no group for the HAC exists nor does an "event", people can connect, folks can organize get together's & it offers forms of advertising for vendors. Make the show unforgettable experiences. Its the same most years, same place same people same vendors. Old. Get more new vendors, offer first year incentives to attend the show; how many of the vendors are the same year end year out? I didn't go this year though the last 6/7 years mostly the same vendor old vend
  4. EnvelopeAPM Inc is interested to discuss all new aviation oriented Projects of any size/scope,Talk to us about joint ventures opportunities.

  5. Aircraft Reposession and Recovery Experts meet in Miami for the... http://lnkd.in/HFPiy5

  6. EnvelopeAPM Inc celebrates the first year of operation, successfully completing 24 projects with 10 operators around the world..

  7. Canadian Dedicated Aviation Project Management Specialists . Don't settle for non certified Project Managers.

  8. EnvelopeAPM Inc requires Aviation Auditors (Certified -IRCA International Register of Certified Auditors) for contract audits globally.

  9. For someone wanting to do this as a career path I would perhaps suggest a certification with IRCA or RABQSA, with a Qualification based Aerospace Auditor Certification. My customer's demand these qualification more so over another other certification especially for any form of Aerospace auditing outside of Canada.
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