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  1. Get the Regs exam done and then get a job with a reputable company that runs Astars in the bush and get some quality field maintenance and some endorsements to add to your heavy maintenance experience. That way you'll be in the bush learning a lot about bush flying (by observing) and honing your skills as an AME. If you're trusted and regarded as as AME, I promise you that they'll give you a chance to fly. When that time does come though, it'll be up to you to know your checklists and procedures and you may only get one opportunity to impress. Basically, get good at one before you jump across to the other or you'll forever be thought of as a hack at both.
  2. Holy thread resurrection Batman! 13 years!
  3. I had a friend do one, he hovered about 50' above the green and dropped the balls, he said it was lucky the green was dry otherwise it would have made the green unplayable for a week. He figured that he would have got a better result if he had of done 20kts down the fairway at 50' and had his helper drop the balls about 150' from the pin, that way the downwash wouldn't blow the balls all over the place and it would be kinder on the green. Either way, it's just a lottery and I'm sure it will be fine whichever way you choose! Edited: As flingwinger said, he had to get permission from Transport which was simple enough, the strangest thing was that they wanted a weight and balance calculation both before and after the drop...
  4. Hey Guy, When I open mine and my wife's versions of Excel, it tells me that Visual Basic macros do not work in Office 2008 for Mac. It looks like it might be time to upgrade! Thanks for your time and effort!
  5. Thanks so much for the work you have put into this Guy! I have the 2008 version of Excel which won't open macro's on my Mac but I can open it and see how much effort you've put into it, it's a very user friendly interface and I'm sure it works very well. Is there anything iPad based that you recommend to open and convert in a hurry in the bush or are we relegated to using our laptops/PC's?
  6. They work great in the 250. If you want to listen to music without the aux cable and better passive noise reduction, try the lightspeed. I haven't tried the new PFX but I think that they would work well (if the cups fit in the helmet).
  7. Are you sure you didn't use a tablet? Like a sandstone tablet, and a chisel?
  8. Whitestone, what's stopping you from working in Australia?
  9. Maybe you should consider outsourcing your spelling and grammar checks before applying for all of these jobs that you don't seem to be getting.
  10. Hey all, I was looking at going across to the HAC convention in Vancouver in a week. I'm a pilot/AME looking to network/check out some new technology, but am trying to get my head around pricing. Am I reading it right that as a non-member it will cost me $675 (late price, the early bird price for a member is $425 + $280 membership) to attend the convention? I take it that HAC isn't targeting the same audience as HAI, which is $420 for the 3 days, and if you're a member, which is $80/year and you get in early, it's $160 for the 3 days. What am I missing here?
  11. Hey mate, You can come to Australia, sit one air legislation exam and all of your licenses would be immediately transferred. At the moment, knowing you were a 212 guy, you'd be given B1.3 and B1.4 with B1.4 covering all piston engine helicopter airframes and engines. It's certainly not as easy for an Aussie going the other way. As for work overseas, I'd look at www.heviliftgroup.com for opportunities, I know they employ a few Canucks with tours out of Canada. If you're under 30, you can get a work visa in Australia with no worries and there's a heap of companies that are hiring engineers at the moment. Hope that helps!
  12. Cbox, There might be another way around it if you don't mind staying out of Europe for a while. Australia has just transferred across to the Part 66 licensing system, I myself have a B1.3 and B1.4 licence. Transferring your TC licence to a CASA licence isn't difficult by all accounts, depending on your assessor and licences, as little as one legislation exam. The Australian licence isn't recognised in Europe yet but as the EASA licence is recognised in Australia, one would expect that it isn't too long until it works both ways. There are also some very well paid jobs for turbine licensed engineers, particularly AS350 and 212 guys here as well.
  13. Thanks very much guys! In Oz, you need to have sat and passed certain 'CASA Basic Exams', to be eligible to sit type courses, they cover the very basic fundamentals to ensure that your trainer isn't trying to explain helicopter aerodynamics or basic gas turbine theory when he should be instructing on a certain 'type' of airframe or engine. I'm already licensed on 206's in Australia so I'd be looking at sitting a 407, 205 or 212 course, and it's good to know that there are no TC pre-requisites to sitting type courses. The NLC website looks like it's got just what I need. Thanks again for your help! Chris.
  14. Hi Guys and Gals, Just two quick questions on Transport Canada's acceptance of type courses. My current employer is a Bell Authorised Service Centre and as such, I have the opportunity to attend type courses in DFW, TX. I'm looking to make the move to Canada for a few summers, beginning next year, as an AME and I'd be wanting to convert my CASA licence to a TC license and then get the attendance recognised so as to negate the requirement to sit the course again. 1. Will TC recognise the course (in retrospect) if I'm not TC AME Licensed at the time of the course. 2. After a type course is sat, are there any further requirements for a (type) licence to be issued? Hours on the type etc? I'm basically wanting my type course attendance to be recognised in both Australia and Canada, too much to ask? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Chris.
  15. Can anyone shed some light for me regarding the external TOT gauge installation for longlining machines? Does it run both gauges all the time or is it switched (inside gauge/outside gauge), or is this resistance issue overcome with electronic gauges? I've seen these installations but can't figure out how it's done and have never had a good avionics guy to pick his brain. Thanks in advance, Toph.
  16. mind's gone loose inside it's shell.

  17. Good morningbird, good nightingale.

  18. is only young and naïve still.

  19. looks for meaning on his own.

  20. now knows that anyone who thinks they are too insignificant to make a difference in the world has obviously never tried to go to sleep with a grain of sand in their eye.

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