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  1. That is all very interesting. I did not know that it was copy written and guarded so much. They gave us a really bad copy of general set at school. So that is just my wondering if it was aviable on the net. Thanks guys... Chris
  2. Hey Guys, Anyone know a good web site where I could find a listing of the ATA codes? Thank you... Chris
  3. That is a good point, I never even thought about that one. Thanks. Chris
  4. Ok, Who can preform checkouts, any check out. My prior experience is basicly nil, I have my Priates with about 72hrs., all on 172, and 152''s. I currently hold no endorcements on my lic. As far as the tail dragger part goes it is a Cub that fellow AME student is planning on bringing up next yr. I was just wondering what it would take for me to be able to fly the plane.
  5. Hey Guys What is the requirements for completeing a check out? And what is involved getting a tail dragger check out? Thanks Canuck
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