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  1. Looking into something to better the remote fuel system for the company I work for. I have been with multiple companies and seen them try multiple methods of attaching a standpipe to the drum/pump for a remote fuel system. Some thread the standpipe into the pump (which is good until your threads get messed up), aluminum machined blocks with camlock fitting on the top to which the pump attaches too and the standpipe is already sealed in the bottom. Also have seen the a threaded adaptor that the standpipe threads into - threads into the drum - also with a camlock fitting on the top. An
  2. First flying job with mins, they are being averaged but I was curious is someone could explain it to me. I have 3 hr mins and they are averaged for the duration of the contract. Hows that work if I am flying 6hr days...I get payed for 6 and then what if I start flyings 2's. Thanks for the explanation.
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