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  1. Just a quick question, was the program at NL a 3 year course or just 2 ? When I think back to my $13/hr construction job, working a hard 15 hour day, Life is good now
  2. THANK YOU ! I will stick to the a/c soap and water. Have you ever heard of using white scotchbrite (very fine) on the boom? To me that has about as much common sense as painting a tailboom white.
  3. Our fleet of B3's have white tailbooms. We are rarely in access of water in the summer, let alone winter. Can anyone help with some ideas of what to use to get my boom looking like new without having water. I have heard WD40, JetA, Ether.....But have been kind of hesitant to try these options.
  4. Great Thread, It is nice to hear the perspective regarding apprenti from some "old-timers" POV I have a couple comments that may shed some light. I am a 4th year apprentice ( AS350B3, s61, 206, 206L) and have been lucky to even stay employed in the fling-wing industry since 2008. It is overwhelming when you come out of school green and get put in the bush on a machine. To have an engineer and an apprentice in the field would have been a huge help. Sure you are paying 2 guys for the job of one, but the experience the apprentice will gain is exactly what they need. And with what an apprentice is getting paid per day at my job, its more expensine to fill up the work truck with gas. Paperwork - I had a 15 minute training dvd on paperwork, Thats it. I remember doing an avionics class in college and leanring boolean expressions, I mean come on, take the class out of the curriculum and have class on paperwork. Logbook entries, flight reports, deffered defects, red tags, green tags, bingo sheets, engine sheets, workorders, parts requests...I could go on. I am not complaining about my pay, and I love my job but am I getting low balled with $144/day plus a 50 per dium, no flight pay ?
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